Flannel Arms Reskin



This mod gives you the look of wearing a nice flannel shirt. They work great for the colder days in the Zone.



This is just a simple re re-texture of the hands in stalker. I was tired of the leather jacket in the game, and i hadn't found any arm mods that I thought looked good, so I did a little thinking and decided I could try and make a flannel arm mod out of Knife in the Face's Rookie bandit  flannel jacket mod. with a little copy/paste and some flipping in GIMP I came up with this, and I think it looks pretty good.

All credit goes to Knife in the Face for his superb work on his bandit flannel, he seems a nice guy so just email him if you would like to change anything about the texture of the shirt and redistribute it. I would also greatly apreciate any mention of me :P . 
You can also contact me at Lafleur__1 at hotmail dot com. Thankyou for checking this out.

to install this all you have to do is add it to your gamedata folder. you should have one if you have been running mods. If not create one, drop this file into it and change the false values to true in this line in your fsgame file:
$game_data$   		= true|	true|	$fs_root$|

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