Flashlight Biohazard font

The screenshots say it all...:rock:


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     Smirnoff CCCP
     S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl MODs

   <<Flashlight Biohazard font>>

There's nothing to describe, just watch those screensots.
As you can see I've created 4 different colors for this font: White, Blue, Green, Yellow.
Choose the one you prefer and install it.

Extract the gamedata folder into your STALKER folder. Overwrite files (if necessary).

Very soon I'll post here some new fonts for the flashlight...

This mod was tested on v1.000, v1.001, v.1003. No bugs or crashes detected.

design ------ Smirnoff CCCP (Domm2405)
contacts ---- Domm2405 AT hotmail DOT it
              Clan-KillingSpree AT hotmail DOT it

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