Freestate Mod

Another great edition of the popular Freestate Mod.

The main features are (more in the Read Me)

Redone Weapons, Ammo, and...


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File Description

Another great edition of the popular Freestate Mod.

The main features are (more in the Read Me)

  1. Redone Weapons, Ammo, and Armor
  2. Skill System
  3. Repair Armor/Weapons

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Freestate Mod 1.2
Author: Proton (AKA Doug Wolanick)
Teseted on: STALKER 1.0001

This mod aims to reward non-linear exploration in the search of profit. Weapons, ammo & armor are primarily acquired by purchasing them since enemies drop poor condition weapons. The artifact system has been replaced with a skill training system based on money. You can buy 5 skills: Endurance, Bullet Resistance, Health Regernaration & Anomoly Resistance. Each skill has 5 available levels. Weapons and armor can be repaired by the traders (and Screw).

NOTE: You need to uninstall any previous versions of this mod before installing this one.

Unzip to C:\Program Files\THQ\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl\, overwrite fsgame.ltx and play!

Simply delete the following folder:
C:\Program Files\THQ\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl\gamedata

1.2 Changelog
- Fixed stashes not populating bug
- Moved skill icons for easier integration with other mods
- Fixed Anomoly resistance skill to now include explosion resistance

1.1 Changelog
- On game start, all stashes are populated with random items (restart required)
- 3 Skill Trainers now ( Wolf at start, Arena Manager at Duty, Cook at Freedom )
- Cook's training dialog is now available immediately

- Incorporated EMPORIKON Mod v1.1
- Author: Athanasios
- What makes this mod different from other mods is that it is an effort to give each trader a theme.
- Weapon price adjustments moved to base cost for repair to reflect same changes

- Only the Scientist trader sells the Salvager suit (high capacity & low defense)
- Salvager suit has capacity 100 with 200 overflow. You can overload it but will run out of energy fast. Salvager suit still has zero protection.
- Unique suits only cary 50% more (instead of 100%)

- Weapons jamming probability 10x less likely
- Weapons degrade 2x faster
- Weapons with low condition have bad accuracy but don't jam as often
- This should cause expensive weapons to be a real investment over time

- Seperated skill training text into seperate file for easier translation
- Seperated repair training text into seperate file for easier translation
- Next version will hopefully have support for multiple languages
- All repair characters charge the same rate
- Corrected spelling errors

- Radiation, bullet & anomaly resistance skills effect reduced by half (max 32 instead of 50)
- Endurance skill bonuses increased
- Skill items have zero weight
- Skill items describe the effects of each level in the description

1.0 Changelog

- All stashes start out populated with treasure (Game re-start required for this feature)
- Higher percentage of profitable artifacts in stashes
- Stashes do not display on the map so you actually have to search for them

- Dropped enemy weapons have between 25%-40% condition (discouraging use)
- Enemies drop 50% less ammo (encouraging you to buy ammo)

- Traders sell all weapons, ammo & armor all the time
- Based on Trader Mod v1.1
- Prices balanced, traders may sell/buy at different prices

- No time limits on side quests
- Monetary reward for side quest is displayed when talking to a mission agent
- Monetary reward doubled for all quests. A few have special 10x reward bonus.

- Ability to repair weapons and armor
- Based on Sid's Repair Shop mod v.1 (Thanks to: Kyodan, MoDD, Shebuka, and NoSf3rAtU)
My Changes:
- Repair costs are now proportional to damage of equipment (no longer strictly half the price)
- The trader tells you the prices of each option before you buy
- All 3 traders and Screw (The repair guy in freedom base) can do repairs (at various profit margins)
- The equipment repair question appears in the first dialog section instead of under a sub-section

- Artifacts have no effect on you at all when you attach them to your belt, they are only for profit
- Skills are available to be trained at the freedom and duty base
- There are 5 skills, each with 5 levels. They get increasingly more expensive to learn
- Custom skill icons per skill per level

- All armor protective effects reduced by 50% to make skills required for effective protection (If you want full protection you need the best armor and fully upgraded skills)
- All special edition versions of the armor have double capacity and the good nightvision (but cost 25% more)
- Tourist armor has 400 capacity with 100 overflow ability, but offers zero protection (weapon salvager anyone?) (NOTE: It will only display max 150, but you can carry more)
- Skill effects per level shown in skill desription when purchasing

- You can walk to the bar without having the suitcase
- Less rain during the day, more sunlight

- You need to start a new game for the stashes to populate.
- Made to be played on Master difficulty

Future Plans
- Balance the economy as best a central planner can (which doesn't promise much)
- Check if I can localize a total/remaining artifact count to the area you are currently in
- Secret 1 - Another way of making money (Likely requires SDK)

- Feel free to use any part of this mod in your own mods
- Credit for me (Proton) is appreciated but not required

Mods incorporated into this one:
- Sid's Repair Shop mod v.1 (Thanks to: Kyodan, MoDD, Shebuka, and NoSf3rAtU)
- EMPORIKON Mod v1.1 - Enhanced trader inventory & prices (Thanks to: Athanasios)

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