Fullmetal FM



This mod replaces the music in the zone with some cool new songs.



FUllmetal FM - The Zone's all-metal pirate radio stations!

Compiled by:	Heru
		[email protected]
		(overclock.net FTW!)


The tracks included in this sound pack are intended as a non-profit music sampler, to
promote the below listed artists. If you enjoy the music featured, please go out and
purchase the band's album(s). These guys rock! Buy 'em and support the music, lest the
metal gods smite thee where thy stand!

What it is?

After hearing much complaint from fellow stalkers of the horrible music the local radio
station is playing, we have executed a takeover and assumed control of the broadcasting
base. Transmitting on 3 sperate waves, we present you with our troop's personal collection
of oldschool pre-zone metal.

You can listen to our feed over the radios and megaphones at the Trader's bunker, the Bar and
above Duty base. Our current playlists are composed of the following tracks:

Trader bunker	Soilwork - Stabbing the Drama
		In Flames - Pinball Map
		Trivium - Drowned and Torn Asunder

Bar		Agathodaimon - Serpent's Embrace
		Dimmu Borgir - Moonchild Domain
		Tristania - The Wretched
		Graveworm - Never Enough

Duty base	Caliban - Forsaken Horizon
		Dry Kill Logic - Caught in a Storm
		Hypocrisy - Turn the Page
		Unearth - Lie to Purify
		Heaven Shall Burn - Architects of the Apocalypse


1.	Copy/decompress to your STALKER install directory.

2.	Open the file "fsgame.ltx" (in the same directory) with Notepad
3.	Find the line that starts with "$game_data$"
4.	Alter that line to look like the following:

		$game_data$   		= true|	        true|	$fs_root$|		gamedata\

5.	Save your changes and play.

Method to the Madness

I use foobar2000 and it's built-in converting tools to change my .mp3's to Ogg Vorbis.
In fb2k's Tools>Converter preferences you have to make a new Encoding Preset to be able
to change the command lines that the oggence.exe encoder (downloaded separately from
foobar) will use to make the audio "STALKER compatible". I added a new preset with the
Custom encode dropdown, encoder oggenc.exe, extension ogg, and then I used the following

	-Q --downmix -q8.000000 -b48 - -o %d

Just a simple downmix to mono and a nominal_bitrate force to 48. the -q sets the output
quality. Quality ranges from 1.0 to 10.0 and you can adjust to your preference.

I found that I had to use ReplayGain to up the dB's on some of the tracks for decent
audible playback while in-game, depending on ambient environment sound levels.
Specifically the Duty megaphone music.

To change track playlists for the Duty megaphone and the Bar radio, I edited the script
file "sound_theme.script". The Duty megaphone list is under the theme listed:


The Bar radio, under:


Just take a look and you can see what I did. You can remove and add as many tracks as you
want, I've found. Just make sure your paths are correct and you keep proper syntax when
adjusting them.

Now, the radio in the Trader's bunker in Escape. Apparently that specific sound isn't called
using a theme script, it's actuallly  static within the level. I cannot figure out how to
edit the "gamedata/levels/l05_bar/" files properly to change the line-up. I think it's
specifically the "level.snd_static" file and if anyone knows how, contact me.

What I did to change this music is just overlap the called sound file with an .ogg that was
converted as a single file merge of 3 songs, which can be done easily in foobar. The location
and filename you need to create to overlap is:


I hope this enlightens some and invokes a bit of creativity. If you want to collaborate with me
and compile some radio stations of other musical genres, contact me. I have ample web hosting
and could also host your mods.

Modification of Pack

If you find this pack inspiring, go ahead and use it to assist in your modding and alteration
adventures. Wnen you make a bad-ass release just give me a shout, link, or hit me up so I know
to look for your projects and see your work.

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