Girl on TV



This mod replaces the boring stuff on the TV's in the game to a much more interesting dancing women, which is what you would THINK would be on in a bar full of men anyways.

This mod contains NO nudity and is safe for players of all ages (assuming you are all above 17 anyways, the game is rated M)



available on television sets around the Zone..
the stalkers that brought you Fullmetal FM present..

Girl TV

Compiled by:	Heru
		[email protected]
		(overclock.net FTW!)

What it is?

Let's face it, the Zone is a sausage fest. Girl TV is the newest (and only) channel
broadcast available within the Zone, and it caters to the relaxation of the lonely

Free preview access currently available at Bar!


1.	Copy/decompress to your STALKER install directory.

2.	Open the file "fsgame.ltx" (in the same directory) with Notepad
3.	Find the line that starts with "$game_data$"
4.	Alter that line to look like the following:

		$game_data$   		= true|	        true|	$fs_root$|		gamedata\

5.	Save your changes and play.

Method to the Madness

The screen animation is made up of 30 .dds images, used in a slideshow manner. I used Fraps'
screenshot option (F10) and pressed it every .5 seconds manually thirty times while playing
a fullscreen movie. Simple, lol.

The directory the files reside in is:


There are 30 images you need to create, "fx_stalker_001.dds" through "fx_stalker_030.dds".

To convert my source images to .dds format I used the nvdxt_tools plugin for Photoshop. Make
sure that when you're saving you choose to generate mipmaps.

I am currently working on a script that will allow you to ask the bartender to change the
channel. I will add more frames per image loop to increase play length and add four more

Modification of.. Mod

If you find this release inspiring, go ahead and use it to assist in your modding and alteration
adventures. Wnen you make a bad-ass release just give me a shout, link, or hit me up so I know
to look for your projects and see your work.

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