Gnomus's Scopes V2.0

A new version of my previous scope mod using high rez models I created and then rendered to get a cleaner look.


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A new version of my previous scope mod using high rez models I created and then rendered to get a cleaner look.

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Gnomus's Scopes Mod v2.0

Created by Gnomus,
[email protected]

In my previous version the scopes were all created by photo manipulation and since I couldn't always find highrez photos some of the scopes suffered for it. So I reworked all the scopes using high rez models I made to render the view I wanted then tweaked them a little in Photoshop. So I could get as high a resolution as I wanted. The scopes were rendered out at 2560 x 1600 and if anyone wanted them I could release them in a pac. However the widescreen scope I included are at 1920 x 1200 and onscreen you really can't tell the difference even though I am playing at 2560 x 1600 and they need to stretch slightly.

Should work under all patches.

Anyone may use this mod but please give me credit.

Credit to Briarius who came up with the original PSOP widescreen mod which was the inspiration for this one.

Just drop the gamedata folder WS or FS whichever matches your monitor into your STALKER root directory.

If you have never used a mod in STALKER before you will need to edit your fsgame.ltx located in the STALKER root directory.

Edit line 2 to read


Tested under Priboi, and OL 2.1.1 without any issues.

If you are using this with other mods..8) it would be safest to just copy over the textures and edit the wpn ltx's manually where needed.

In w_fn2000.ltx change the scope texture line to read

scope_texture		= wpnwpn_crosshair_fn2000 to get it to use the correct file.

If you wish to use the G36's upper green dot scope you will need to edit the w_g36.ltx file by changing the
scope_texture   = wpnwpn_crosshair_g36 to scope_texture   = wpnwpn_crosshair_g36_upper
or just rename the texture files themselves.
If somebody can come up with a way of switching them in game so you can use both scope on the fly that would be great.

I have also included a red version of the PSOP scope since I have seen some pictures of it in use by Russian forces.
Just rename the wpn_crosshair_red.ltx to wpn_crosshair.ltx and use it instead of the other file by that name.

If you wish to edit the ltx manualy you just need to  edit the scope texture line to read


Brian Frank (aka.Gnomus)

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