God Rays (aka Sun Shafts) Mod

Enables so called "God Rays" (also known as Sun Shafts) throughout the whole day. If you are angry at your Stalker:CS for having those beaut...


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File Description

Enables so called "God Rays" (also known as Sun Shafts) throughout the whole day. If you are angry at your Stalker:CS for having those beautiful sun-shafts for only a fraction of a day, this is the mod for you.

There are other mods out there that do it, but this one does just that and nothing besides that.

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Download 'blueshades_god_rays_mod.zip' (32KB)

== BlueShade's God Rays (aka Sun Shafts) Mod (alpha) for STALKER: Clear Sky ==

by BlueShade [blue at wave460 dot net]

inspired by ilurker's Additional Sunshafts and Weather Pack
and thanks to Clear Sky: Game Database Unpacker utility

=== Description ===

This hastily patched up mod enables god rays (aka sun shafts) throughout the
whole day.

God rays are one of the nicer effects in S:CS and I felt genuinely suprised
that they are only enabled by default in the early morning hours. I decided
I had to do something about it and tried (and failed) to find a mod that
enabled them in other times of day. Of course, I found some that did it, but
they also usually did a whole awful lot of other things like overhauling
textures, weather or modifying some other graphic aspect of this game.

So, this mod does this and only this. It enables god rays 24/7. A by-product of
this is that it also enables god rays on thunders so they also look quite cool
now too.

Actually, I missed the truth a bit saying I failed to find such mod, ok I
found one - "ilurker's Additional Sunshafts and Weather Pack" - so that's where
the idea of "thunder shafts" came from. Yet I still decided to tweak the god
rays on my own to get exactly the effect I wanted and this mod is the final

There are two versions of the mod:

* normal (located in "god rays mod" folder)
  This is the version I tweaked to my personal taste and I'm quite content
  with the result. The sun shafts aren't so prominent during the day - they
  are still visible, mind you, when you know where too look but they just
  don't get in the way of actually playing the game.

* "dusty" (located in "god rays mod - dusty" folder)
  The rays are much more visible, especially around noon. I love that, but...
  The downside (or upside - it depends how you look at it) is that it also
  gives the whole game a kind of dusty, soapy look. I'm sure it's still quite
  realistic since, if you really were to see god rays everywhere, it would
  sure as hell have to be quite dusty around. Well, one could argue that this
  is what a post-apocalyptic game should look like but I, for one, prefer a
  more toned-down version above. ;)

=== Installation ===

As customary with other mods, to install it, you have to copy the "gamedata"
folder (which you'll find inside one of the aforementioned version-folders) to
your "S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky" game folder (which is usually located in
C:Program Files).

If this is the first mod you install, you also have to modify the "fsgame.ltx"
file by changing this line:

$game_data$             = false|  true|  $fs_root$|            gamedata


$game_data$             = true|  true|  $fs_root$|            gamedata

This mod should not conflict with other mods which do not modify the
environment/weather. If they do, well, your mileage may very, as they say...

Of course, to actually _see_ the god rays, you have to play on "Enhanced Full
Dynamic Lighting" and have them enabled in the game's Options menu.

Oh, and don't really expect the fps shoot suddenly up afterwards... they rather
tend to go the other way somehow... ;)

=== Final words ===

I haven't had much time to test it thoroughly but it works nicely for me. If
you encounter any problems, feel free to drop me a line...

Have fun enjoing your god-ray-cutesy stalker game ;)...

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