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- "Gotta Love Science!" for "Faction Change and...


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- "Gotta Love Science!" for "Faction Change and Reset 1.1" by Atrocious-

This is an optional patch for my "Faction Change and Reset 1.1" mod (the stand-alone as well as the Oblivion Lost 2.0 add-on version).;89679;89660

Reason: Someone told me it wasn't right that Freedom and Scientists are enemies. I said to him that's how GSC have set the relations and I didn't change it. But actually I also don't like how the relations are in vanilla, so I decided to make this optional patch.

What it changes: It makes Freedom and Scientists friends and Freedom and Mercs enemies - since Mercs used to treat the Freedom-Player neutral.

Look at the sheet (image) to see the relations how they will be with the patch.

I made all the relations symmetric, except for the Arena-Enemy, which I didn't change at all. Also there's a minor difference left between Duty/Freedom relation to player - and the other way around.

The downside is, that scientists have the most friends of all factions now. Which (theoretically) makes playing scientists more easy than any other faction.

What you think: If you use "Faction Change and Reset", please let me know what you think about this patch:

This' got a poll, baby!

If you guys like it, I will make it a built-in feature of future FCAR releases.

-- Atrocious

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Download '' (14KB)

What you see above plus:

Copy the gamedata folder into your STALKER directory and overwrite the existing files.

Savedgame compatibility:
Savedgames from "Faction Change and Reset 1.1" are compatible, but if you are already a member of Freedom, you have to leave them and join them again, to make the Scientists unlock their door.

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