Horror Mod

This mod adds in some new quests, causes more mutants to spawn, and tries (and succeeds) to make the game scarier.

The zombies rock...


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This mod adds in some new quests, causes more mutants to spawn, and tries (and succeeds) to make the game scarier.

The zombies rock...

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Download 'horrormod_0.3.rar' (1.4MB)

Horror Mod 0.3


Unzip everything into your gamedata folder inside your stalker directory. The Rar file is setup in the same way that yours should be.

If you have not used mods before, you will need to open your fsgame.ltx file found in the "programfiles/thq/Stalker" directory. Open this file with a text editor like Notepad, and find the following line:

$game_data$ = false| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

Change the false to true, i.e.:

$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

It is highly recommended starting a new game or you will not see any of the new spawns in Cordon, new sidequests or the edited "rescue nimble" quest.  The first sidequest can be aquired from Sidrovich, ask him "Is there anywhere around here I can get a bit of target practice.  The second can be aquired from Wolf, ask him "Whats wrong? you look nervous.".  Also incase you dont read on, to activate the edited "rescue Nimble" quest you have to ask Wolf "Is there something you're not telling me?".

Changes in 0.3:
- added 2 new sidequests, they have no reward yet. These quests spawn more mutants into cordon.
- added more mutant spawns across the first half of cordon, none beyond the bridge yet. These spawns are not optional like the sidequests and do not yet respawn after being killed.

Changes in 0.2:
-edited the first quest to rescue Nimble.  After you have spoken to wolf the first time speak with him again and ask "Is there something you're not telling me?"  
-changed the dialog of some characters to suit the new quest features better.

Known issues:
-Flickering of the fog everynow and again, not that annoying just something i have to try and fix.
-The Boundry fences and some windows have the tendency to show through the fog, might have to edit the fence texture to fix it.
-I havnt altered Pripyat yet because of the snipers, they kind of become useless in the fog.


I havnt tested this in any other lighting mode other than full dynamic, so anyone using static lighting let me know how it looks. Also I havnt tested Yantar or Pripyat properly.  You may allready have an edited "m_stalker" file, in that case just open it up and change these lines.

under [stalker_vision_free]
min_view_distance - change its value to 0.3
max_view_distance - change its value to 0.65

under [stalker_vision_danger]
min_view_distance - change its value to 0.5
max_view_distance - change its value to 0.65

In the Full version I hope to include:

changes to the weather
- its now foggy as hell, similar to silent hill, and you can only see 50 feet in front of you and can lose enemies in it.
- storms have been edited
- Its a helluva lot darker at nightime

the look of the landscape
- retextures of the terrain, trees and plants

add new side quests
- some will have no reward and you can chose wther to do them based on if you like the guy or you don't
- simple things like take this to this guy and scavenger hunts but with scary twists
- hopefully

change existing quests
- play the first quest again with this mod to see what I mean

changes to the mutants
- to make them stonger or faster ("scarier" :) )
- some will be retextured, TREGs Zombified Stalker skins will be included
- mutants can see through the fog

and a bit more that I haven't mentioned like the new torch which im unsure will be in.  If you want to follow the mods progress head over to the official GSC Stalker forums and look for the horror mod thread in the "modding discusion" section.

Thanks go to Proton, Chao7, TREG and MrKlorox :)

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