House Ordos STALKER 2062 AD

This mod makes many changes to the weapons in the game. You will now have an arsenal of futuristic weapons to rain death upon the inhabitant...


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This mod makes many changes to the weapons in the game. You will now have an arsenal of futuristic weapons to rain death upon the inhabitants of the Zone.

Make sure to read the full ReadMe file included in the archive (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader) for full details, as the full readme isn't posted below.

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Download 'house_ordos_stalker_2062_ad.rar' (13.77MB)

This is a conversion that changes into S.F. weapons all the weapons in the game, their ammo, the grenades, the accessories. These weapons have unique icons, textures and sounds, not to mention the behavior. To ease your life you can also repair your weapons and armors by all the main traders

List of changes, far from be complete.
(In random order...)

Weapons & Ammo

* All the weapons but the shotguns have been converted into S.F. Weapons, in terms of icons, textures etc.
* All the ammo but the shotguns cartridges have been converted accordingly.
* The weapons' description now includes a list of useful info like...

Theoric Damage,
Rate of fire,
Ammo list.

* Many new weapons are now available: they can be purchased from the Trader, the Barman, or they can be retrieved from the fallen enemies.
* The icon of each weapon now shows the weapon's type of damage and type of ammo.
* Same as above for the icon of each ammo: now should be easy to find the right weapon-ammo pair.
* Except the low-end shotguns now every weapon unable to use a sight has attached an aiming laser: the iron sights are still available in the low-end shotguns. See the weapon's description for further references.
* The silenced weapons are now very silenced: it is still Stalker, and not Splinter Cell, nevertheless...
* The handgun's ammo are weightless.


* Every armor has a night-vision capability! The low-end armor use the green and cheap intensifier, the middle-end armor use a green, accurate intensifier that use a lot of energy to run. Infact after a while it shut-down, but you can activate it once again after a score of seconds. The high-end armor, needless to say, use the blue, accurate intensifier.
* Now the armors decay if hit, even if hit by radiaction: you'll notice it if you stand too long in a radioactive area!
* The armor's description now includes the armor's stats: now you should be able to find the best armor with ease.


* All the icons are now highlighted with a purple hue: this rather odd feature is useful to recognize at a glance each kind of weapon, even in the utter darkness. Anyway we have included the original bitmap, thus you can change the purple to wathever color you like.
* The missions now can be completed in 10 days, not just one.
* The light during the 24-hours has been significantly changed: if you don't exceed with the game's light, contrast and gamma you should note that the night is now very dark: without an armor with nightvison you are unable to see even you feet.
* The loading of the game has been improved.
* The weather in all the Zone has been changed in something more plausible.
* The Trader and the Barman now sell all the kind of ammo and all the add-ons.
* The Trader sells a fairly wide number of weapons; he sells also a limited number of armors.
* The Barman sells all the weapons; he sells also a fairly wide number of armors.
* The light has now a grater range and a blue hue.
* Their negative effects of the artefacts have been changed, but not removed.
* All the main traders can now repair your weapons and armor.

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