Improve Sound Effects



This mod replaces the low quality default sounds with higher quality ones.

It adds new sounds for:

--Inventory --Doors --Device --PDA --Glass Fall --Weapon Draw --Wooden Box Damage -Most Weapon fire sounds replaced


Improve Sound Effects v0.9
by: dDefinder
""It does?""
(Sound Replacement)
Replaces the generic low quality default sound files with higher quality ones.

*v0.9 May 05, 2007
-New Sounds
--Glass Fall
--Weapon Draw
--Wooden Box Damage
-Most Weapon fire sounds replaced

*v0.8 April 16, 2007* 
-Fixed game crash relating to Desert Eagle and bullet hit pain sounds having 2 channels
-Fixed two wrong Shot Sounds used for ak74
-All hit/hurt/pain sounds replaced
-Added separate die/hurt sounds for multiplayer
-More weapon fire sounds replaced
-All bullet Sounds replaced

*v0.4 April 04, 2007*
-First Released
-Actor Bullet hit sounds and bullet pain sounds.
-Mp_actor replaced with sounds from actor folder
-Weapon Sounds Replace
--Certain Fire sounds
--Hostler noises
--Bullet Whiz
--Night Vision
-New Material sounds
--Few Bullet Sounds
Extract into:
C:\Program Files\THQ\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl
Replace if necessary

If you want to uninstall just delete the files that came with this mod.
Delete the sound folder
"""Future Changes"""
Will be Replacing....
Attempt to fix footsteps not affecting sound meter (footstep not included in this current version)
Reload/Draw sounds
Silence weapons
Contact sound fixes
Attempt to replace as much sound effects if possible or needed when for 1.0
Rework current sounds if needed
"""Sound File Credits"""
[email protected]

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