Improved Stone Bump Maps

This mod improves the bump maps on the stone in the game.


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This mod improves the bump maps on the stone in the game.

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Download 'bumpedstone.rar' (9.87MB)


bumped stone

place the gamedata folder in your c:programfiles\thq\stalker directory...this is another section of my bump map revision, it increases depth to some of the stone surfaces ingame ( note that only some of the surfaces are remapped, dont worry tho, they will be noticeable if the maps have been changed) mostly this piece is bricks, walls, and asphault. due to filesize constraints i tried to select textures that will be common ingame, since i cant replace them all as i originally intended.  pls note that older pcs or pcs that only run the game well on low settings will run even slower with this mod, and those who just use lower settings for play will notice less graphical improvement...more to come. enjoy the mod and use it at your own discretion, just gimme my credit if u do ;)

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