Item Drop Mod

item_drop_mod_v_1_0001.rar —


This mod will cause all STALKERS (when killed) to have all artifacts, med kits, and food in the game on their person. Its a good way to get lots of money because you will have access to lots of artifacts.



\ 1.What's This?
\ 2.Installing the mod
\ 3.Uninstalling the mod
\ 4.Contacting
\ 5.Thanks To

\ 1.This is a mod which forces all the stalkers (when they die) spawn all the artefacts, 
\   ammo , med-supplies and food. Works on 1.0001 and should work on 1.0000

\ 2.To install the mod simply unrar the gamedata into your S.T.A.L.K.E.R. main folder.

\ 3.To uninstall the mod simply delete the files which are in this mod or gamedata
\   folder.

\ 4. If you saw any crashes of bugs email [email protected] , i'll be glad to help you.

\ 5.Thanks to:
\   GSC Game World - for such a great game
\   THQ 

\   P.S. Tested with 18 mods and it works !

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