Jamies Armour Reskin pack



This is a Armour Reskin pack which contains reskins for diffrent kinds of armour...




Jamies Armour Reskin pack


This is my Armour Reskin pack which contains reskins for diffrent kinds of armour.


(items With Siro next to them indicates that the reskin was created by me From an idea submitted by him)


Black And White Exo
Stalker Suit Black And White
Rusty Exoskeleton 
Blue Beril (Spetsnaz) (Siro)
Monolith Green (Siro)


NOTE:You can only use one at a time due to the fact that they are from the same template 
so you can only use one. (sorry about that)

NOTE:Be sure you have trader mod (newest version) to be able to accsess the suits at the start.

Once you have the download make sure you have Winzip or Winrar (i use & prefer Winrar it is easier and faster) 
Once you have accsessed the archive you will see a read me (this Document) and a file called Jamies Armour reskin pack. 
In that will be more winrar archives containing the files nessecery to make the selected reskin work. 

depending on which type of skin you wish to use double click the archive you wish to accsess. Once it has opened in a new window. 
click the gamedata folder once and click the extract button and select the following path to extract to.

C:\Program Files\THQ\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl 

NOTE: This is the default folder i use yours might be diffrent. 


Siro = for all his ideas that he contributed to this pack.

Faiakes = For telling me how to change the format of the DDS files so i could change them 
to JPEG to edit them and then change them back to DDS for testing.


You may modify it.
You may distribute it.
You may include it into your mods but please give credit where it is due.
You may NOT charge money for it UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

If you use this in your mod please Email me to let me know and give me credit for doing the reskins
that is all i ask. 


(FFN)(Jamie1992) = [email protected]

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