Leather Pants for Bandits

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Have you ever been walking through the zone, run upon some bandits trying to kill you and thought, "Hey, those guys would look so much better in some leather pants!!!" I know I have!! This mod will grant your wish and bestow upon the bandits leather pants. Sure they may get ripped in half by a bloodsucker at any moment, but hot damn they will look good during it.



 _-_-__----____|||||||||||||Leather pants for bandid|||||||||||||||_________----___-_-_
Extract act_bandit.dds to...

C:\Program files\THQ\S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-shadow of Chernobyl\Gamedata\Textures\act\

If the folders do not exist yet, create them...

This skin was created
by Scott kizewski(*Scotthc*) on Febuary 2nd, 2008...
also thanks to www.musiciansfriend.com

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