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This is compilation of top 3 main-menu mods, that are used to modify and control the game as if through divine intervention. Yes, they incl...


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This is compilation of top 3 main-menu mods, that are used to modify and control the game as if through divine intervention. Yes, they include cheats, but that's not the point! It's practically ultimate compilation of any of the mods that are called through main menu, and now you can do it all from the game 99,9% of times!

Mods included: Cheat mod 1.02a (or 1.03) with vehicles pack

Helios Spawn menu 1.3

Faction Commander 1.6 (but without optional mutant pack)

These three mods will allow you to: - spawn almost any object or live being in this game, including cut-out mutants (through Helios mod!) - spawn squads of any faction - spawn stalkers in any of N-S-W-E directions, or spawn them with delay - control your faction membership, and their attitude and aggressiveness - make yourself "terminator" with super-jump, super-speed, and super-resistances - make or lose money - drive vehicles - speed the time up or down - enable level changers and gateways at guides - walk through walls and obstacles - .. and so much much more!

For more details see the download pages of the mods which are included here!

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This is only a compilation of three GREAT main menu mods.
Compilation created by Lux aka LuxZg
Date: Nov 21st 2008
Version: 1.1
Game version: 1.5.05-1.5.07 (should work with all of them without problems)

Compilation contains:
- Cheat mod 1.02, with vehicles add-on, and with 1.02a update - by TSL16b
- Helios Spawn Menu Mod 1.3 - by Helios
- Faction Commander V1.6 - by Chen Lin Peng aka rgggclp (optional monster pack NOT included!)

Read the readme files of those individual mods.
Read those readme to see full credits to all authors that were involved in creating parts used by this compilation.

What have I done:
- merged those three mods as best as I could
- as a base, I've used ui_main_menu.script from 1.5.07 game, so that you don't have any problems with a new patch
- did NOT include optional monsters from Faction Commander 1.5/1.6 as to make the mods more compatible, as you already have monsters in Helios' mod (and you have beta version 0.9 of this mod that includes FC 1.0 that has monsters embeded)
- created small menu with three buttons that enable using those 3 mods without going to main menu 3x if you need parts of all three of them in the same moment
- fixed ui_helios.script file so it's compatible with my mini-menu

- you can use this mod by pressing keys for each mod separately:
	- F1-F9 plus some others are used by Cheat mod
	- F10 is used for Helios Spawn menu (originaly F1)
	- F11 is used for Faction Commander mod (originaly F2)
- or you can using it through my mini menu that connects all three mods
	- M - shows the main cheat menu made by me
- if you DO NOT WANT TO HAVE super-sprint, super-jump, and super-resistance (named "Terminator module"), see original readme of Cheat mod 1.02 for easy solution!!

Changed files:
See CHANGED FILES.txt which is in same package with this readme and readme files of all 3 mods.

This mod will not have it's separate discussion thread or page.
If you find major bugs, feel free to fix them yourself, or make your own compilation.
You can contact me, if you need some help, through my website by clicking on SUPPORT button.
Idea for this mod came in this thread/forum:

TSL16b					for Cheat menu mods
Chen Lin Peng aka rgggclp		for Summoner, Faction Changer and Faction Commander mods
Helios					for Helios Spawn Menu mods
Ceano					for Vehicle and Speed-Up Time mods
Lobstris				for squad spawner routines
MoHaX-mott and [HiT]			for Spawner Mod
velociraptor				for Travel Mod
NatVac					for The Zone Reclamation Project
Kanyhalos, Mr. Fusion and FoxMurder	for Oblivion Lost mod
Dez0wave				for timer class
and anyone else that we could maybe forget, since a lot of peoples work was used to create this compilation

well, and a little thanks to me		for creating this compilation

INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS (by an unknown Stalker - but thank you anyway!)

Simply put the gamedata to your Stalker CS directory

And change the line in fsgame file
$game_data$ = false| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

-- or use Smart Mod Manager- --

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