File zipped with a general MOD for STALKER SHOC. Dimension: 27 MB zipped. About 37 MB unzipped and operative.

70 features for STALKER,...


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File zipped with a general MOD for STALKER SHOC. Dimension: 27 MB zipped. About 37 MB unzipped and operative.

70 features for STALKER, without useless things and respecting story and atmosphere of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. No bugs and no crashes with correct installation and original STALKER support. It requires ver. 1.0005 or ver. 1.0006

This mod changes many things, check out the readme for full details.

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Download '' (26.67MB)



ver. 1.0005/1.0006

by Massimo (Max) [email protected]


> 0  Overture
> 1. Install
> 2. Features
> 3. Uninstall
> 4. Legal Agreement
> 5. Thanks to
> 6. Screenshots/pictures about MOD.
> 7. ReadMe (in zip file)
> 8. ADD ON
0. Overture

-- This MOD replaces all my old MODS, except MaxCompassMOD: it is OPTIONAL, and inside the main MOD. 
    It can replace the default Hud Compass. 
    You can choose your language (DE, ES, USA,  UK, ITA, FRA) also. 
    Read simple instructions there.

-- Inside the main .ZIP file you can find another zipped file.
   Use the REPAIR MOD for your language (Eng-Ger-Fra-Ita-Esp-Rus-Pol) TOGETHER (and BEFORE you start a New Game)
   Check it for find your language, just replacing only 1 file! >>> LOCALIZATION.LTX
   Read simple instructions there.
   More easy than that? :)
  (THANKS to >>> SHEBUKA for some version of the main file, stable_repair_dialogs.xml)
   I have done the rest (eliminating the useless "bla bla.."). 
   Anyway.. if you find grammatical errors in translation.. edit the "stable_repair_dialogs.xml" file
   and correct them.

WARNING!!!!!!: IF you dont use the Languages pack of this MOD, but other, 
               DONT replace the original SYSTEM.LTX or you game 'll crash.
               Anyway you NEED necessarily some REPAIR MOD (BEFORE you start a New Game), 
               otherwise your game 'll crash.

=====>  By default  REPAIR MOD for MaxMODv.5-INTERNATIONAL has ENGLISH language


WHAT THIS MOD doesnt do!

No  weapon modifications (they can alterate deeply the game!) 
except two objects, but as you 'll see here they have been really and well balanced.

-- The "FT200M" makes (a bit) more damage and has more long range and precision. 
This is NOT an unique weapon and it's not ONLY for you, but SHARED with enemy NPC.

-- The "ExoOutfit" has the RUN (sprint) chance on. 
Now you can move faster.

What I have done, CLEARLY (see screenshots too..) :

==> Ft200M - hybrid machine gun - Def price 17000 ru  (Def weight 4,6 Kg). 

New features (more Precision / Range / Damage) + 9000 ru  (upgrade + 0,5 Kg)

Bigger availability +50% price >>> New price 39000 ru  (New weight 5,1 Kg)

==> ExoOutfit - strong, mechanical outfit - Def price 50000 ru  (Def weight 15 Kg)

New feature (Run mode) + 14000 ru  (upgrade + 3 Kg)

Bigger availability +50% price >>> New price 96000 ru  (New weight 18 Kg).

All prices are "nominal". In real game they change, and 'll be much more, like all others.
Do attention about their repairation: obviously it 'll cost a lot.
NOTE: you can buy those items ONLY after some main Quest and before Pripjat's mission,
otherwise you dont find them in Barist Shop.

(Honestly it is not easy estabilish new prices, though I believe..they are correct enough and hard!
At the last.. nothing  changes so much for +/- 5/10000 ru)

In this MOD you can invest better your money, and, finishing game, you 'll have not so much money like in default game...
[ I have terminated some game with only 18.000 ru. Initially, in first - not modded - games, 
I had  250000/350000 ru remaining at the end! O.o] ...and indirectly that's another good feature.
More... When you play STALKER, after many levels and quest, you have no "motivation"  for get, or just use, money, 
or continue some quest.
Now you 'll have not more those (a bit "boring") periods, because (it's supposed) you want have two added goods 
items and for the right period...not too soon, not too late.

No 1.000 zombies and/or mutants in levels.

THIS IS A REALLY BALANCED MODALITY FOR "STALKER - SHOC" and a great improvement respect all old versions. 
Many files are been revisited and adjusted and, as always, it maintains the storyline and the "atmosphere" 
of the original STALKER.
It is also a little PATCH, because corrects many errors of STALKER.


1. Install

-- Info   
Total Package Dimension: about 37,1 MB unzipped (working in Stalker gamedata folder)

-- Go to your ..S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl directory
-- Find and edit the FSGAME.LTX file, and change the 2° line into:
$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

-- Uncompress "" in a temporarily folder, then move or copy the "gamedata" folder to 
...S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl

-- Add to COMMAND LINE, on desktop, in Stalker launching icon, 

-noprefetch -nodistort

The -noprefetch avoids useless preload.
The -nodistort is very good, because avoids the fire "distorsion" of your weapons when you shot and, at the same time, 
the globular effect of anomalies. 
By it you can gain some FPS too.


2. Features:

--1-- CARS enabled. You can find 4 vehicles in Cordon level (where you need more their "help")
(The previous car in stalker's village has been eliminated because it blocked Stalkers' movement...)

There are others cars in the MOD ( without exaggeration): Garbage, Rostok (Desolated Lands), Military (Deposit), Dark Valley, Radar (Red Forest).
 Remember... though hard, they can be damaged.

Inside, you can use some little weapon, but you cannot heal yourself, though they, and the movement, give a good protection.  
They have Lights too for the night. Key is the same of your usual Torch (OutFit' Light). 
(Some little bug is possible, because programmers decided dont use vehicles and so they didnt fix it. Example: 
sometime you can die when you leave them or sometime enemies dont see you inside them.. etc etc)

--2-- SKY ROTATION added and improved. This is the ONLY and REAL dynamic sky. Also fixed the usual glitch/bug of the full time circle.

--3-- NPC/ACTOR's SHADOWs follow the position of the SUN. (That not means that you see it. For the most it is always behind sky/clouds). 
The SUN generically raises at  (about) EAST and goes down at (about) WEST. 

--4-- FOG, RAIN, HORIZON vision and WIND CORRECTED (about corresponding real time: before the  night  - night /   before the morning - morning). 

--5-- NIGHT now is a bit (just a "bit", because you can see anyway) more credible.

--6-- All WEATHER features generically heavily changed, and much better than default. More nice and more realistic at  the same time. 

NOTE about numbers 2,3,4,5,6. 
THIS is NOT valid for all Stalker' maps due different conditions
(Remember: many zones are heavily contaminated and full of anomalies and radiations, with space/time/visual alterations. 
And that is right, respecting atmosphere/storyline of STALKER).

--7-- New starting TIME and POSITION!
[You awake at the end of the night and after your first encounter (the initial movie...) with Sidorovich, finding some your old stuff...
Sidorovich has (finally!) some trouble with his door :) ]

--8-- CARRY Modality tweaked >>> 100kg - 120kg (default 50kg - 60kg). 

--9-- Better range for ACTION KEY (Now no more: Hey.. Sidorovich... why you stay so far? or .. I cannot grab that item!)

--10-- Player has an HEIGHT of 1,90 m. (190 cm). The default value is 1,85 m. (185 cm).

--11-- Better and smaller TARGETING CROSS (supporting dynamic and target's distance).

--12-- No player's HEAD movement when he (you!) walks/runs. (... known as "Headbobbing" ). 

[Remember!!! set 

cam_inert 0.

in your USER.LTX file]

--13-- New optimal ENEMY DETECTION. 
On the contrary of the "usual" that NOT means NPC are more easy: they are more intelligent and hard. 
They see you when you see them, with relative conseguences. 
Better AI and more possible interactions.

--14-- NPC Stalkers can see and grab items (better weapons if happens) around. And if you drop some weapon on them, 
       eventually they can grab   and use it.

--15-- Better NPC/MONSTERS SPAWNING and more time for avoid annoying continue RESPAWN.

--16-- Now PLAYER (you) has LESS HUNGER. ( It is enough eat max 1 time for 1 day - 24 hours)

--17-- WARNING ICONS on screen (radiation, food, broken weapon, miniPDA flashing... etc etc) have decreased size.

--18-- NPC can feel PANIC and run away (if they see or live a bad, bad situation). No Monoliths.

--19-- Now the most of NPCs turn off their NightLight when you shot them.  
(They do it as you can do it. So... think about, before attacking in night)

--20-- Better aim and minor DISPERSION base (that means you waste lesser ammos and time for kill)

--21-- More great RANK for friend/neutral/enemy NPC and MONSTERS (that means they are a bit harder).

--22-- BANDAGE' TEXTURE error fixed. By default, the object on ground is TOTALLY different respect what you see/grab.

--23-- SNORK monsters have now an appropriate and better sound (not like a lion)

--24-- ADDED features, availability and new prices for the FT 200M and EXO OutFit, for a better and more fun GAME and 
       balance, at the same time, difficulties in Pripjat and Chernobyl (vs Monolith). 

--25-- DELETED the useless and boring flashing ICON on right bottom of the screen.

--26-- QUEST TIME duration increased to 10 days (default is 1 day - in seconds). Hidden side quests 
       are NOT enabled because "normal" quests are enough! and may create some error in the GAME.
The theoric FIX about Reward Reputation has been nullified, because your RANK 
(if all reward rep. values are "positive" and as the most of others MODS do) 
sometime can be maximum EXPERT/EXPERIENCED and not MASTER!

--27-- Distance for TORCH light increased. Radius reduced.

--28-- REMOVE time reduced for broken/dead objects/bodies. 

--29-- INVENTORY grid is now smaller, but the WIDTH has 10 squares (So you can see more items at once and dont need to scroll so much!).

--30-- BINOCULARS view "cleaned" and improved (about x20). 

--31-- All weapons SCOPES are been “cleaned” and simplified for best and quick performances.   

Dont care too much about original Linees, Degrees, Angulars, Circles, Numbers... etc...etc... on ORIGINAL scopes/binoculars... 
They are substantially and for the most FALSE. Just "appearance". Only experience (for not linear weapon and for.. example.. when  you launch a grenade...) and the Central Dots are the right approach. 
And many weapons have shared targeting crosses, though having different features!!!  
And more: hit probability depends by your rank, player/weapon dispersion and by your position also... and so on...

--32-- Camping NPC can play HARMONICA (or guitar) and some nice NEW MUSIC too

--33-- PRICE of BANDAGEs and MEDKITs increased, x5, (default prices: bandage 20 ru, medkit 150 ru, medkit scient. 200 ru, medkit milit. 220 ru ...were NOT ABSOLUTELY CREDIBLE) for their great and immediate Healing power!. 

--34-- NEW improved look for HUD (graphically better than my old HUD and with some fine correction). 
 NOW is the BEST HUD. No doubt.
 FULL functional, clear and minimal (more: DELETED the USELESS player's default and crimbling position). 

--35-- New reduced look for PDA (DELETED FALSE borders)

--36-- SSP-99 OutFit price corrected,
due its general features (Def price 15000 ru / New price 18000 ru) and for avoid some confusion.

--37-- MONOLITH' OutFit WRONG price FIXED, 
due its general features (Def price 10000 ru / New price 18000 ru) and for avoid some confusion.
--38-- DUTY PSZ-9D OutFit WRONG price FIXED,
due its general features (Def price 14000 ru / New price 18000 ru) and for avoid some confusion.

(NOTE about number 37, 38: These 2 OutFits are equivalent. For SURE, new prices are much better and correct than old default prices) 

--39-- (FREEDOM) SVOBODA HEAVY Outfit WRONG price FIXED (the default outfit is a bit better than default Duty PSZ-9D, though it has an higher weight) (Def price 12000 / New price 20000)  

--40-- SEVA OutFit WRONG price FIXED. 
Well... this is incredibile. It is, TOTALLY, worser than SSP-99M OutFit and with +2Kg and it costs more O.o!
(Def price 30000 ru /  New price 24000 ru). 

--41-- SSP-99M OutFit WRONG price FIXED (Def price 24000 ru / New price 30000 ru)

(NOTE about numbers 40,41:
Btw the internal "resistance" (less consumption) of SEVA is better than SSP-99M, 3% vs 0,5% about BURN and CHEMICAL BURN, 
but these 2 values are evidently irrisory respect all the others full "valid" values and in game.)
--42-- Bigger (and quests depending) availability for ROCKET Laucher RPG-7u (and relative ammos). 
The NEW price, for balance, is 15000 ru (Def 10000 ru). 
Remember always: all prices are "nominal" and not what you 'll pay in shop  >>> much more.

--43-- Real CIGARETTES textures pack (Marlboro, Lucky Strike, Camel). (THANKS to >>> BOLM)

--44-- New texture for ENERGY drink, more nice and visible, and less "anonimous", than default. 
         Drink is a RED BULL fac-simile (more: it has inside really "taurin", so the default drink's description is plently valid)

--45-- Now you can BUY or SELL  AMMO's weapon (and some other fun stuff just like a souvenir) to/from NPC. 

--46-- NPCs MEMORY has been increased by 50%. So (example) if you kill someone in any community, they remember you for more time... 

--47-- FIXED game's RELATIONS. NOW every class is really proportional for any reputation state. 
       The RANGE of your reputation is better and larger than default too. 
BEFORE, for the 90% of the time, except when you begin a new game, ONLY you were Terrible or Excellent.
Now you can see for the right time > "good" and "very good" too.

--48-- Player RANK (from Novelline to Master) is more hard to get. 

FORGET have MASTER rank just after 3-4 levels.

--49-- NPC can limp.   

--50-- ERROR about GP37' Grenade Launcher (M203) FIXED. Now you can use it.

--51-- EXPLOSION of inflammable/explosive items has no more delay (Def 5 sec). Now they explode soon when you shot them enough.

--52-- The KNIFE has a "real" WEIGHT  = 0.3 Kg 

--53-- SPECOPS Outfit (BERILL-5M) more correct price due its general features (Def price 12000 ru / New price 14000 ru).

--54-- FREEDOM Trader has unlimited money as all shops.

--55-- Better VISIBILITY for any ITEM in the new great Inventory (10 cells). Now you can see easily the redesigned "pseudo dog tail"..etc..etc..

--56-- AUTOMATIC SAVE more correct and functional: min. 10 minutes - max 30 minutes (if you are using Inventory and/or Trade or while you are in an intensive Fighting. Maybe a bug) from last Save. Real time.

--57-- Health's damage by RADIATION has been decreased for the Player to balance the totally immunized NPC. 
In this way you can go too, and with more calm, in many zones (not visited, or just running in them, before).

--59-- A bit bigger number of MUTANTS and some other surprise.

--60-- TIMER in CHERNOBYL changed: now you have 20 Minutes and not more only 6 Minutes (when Rad Storm comes).
You can go around and do all what you want, and if you want,  without run.

--61--  Now you can carry MONSTERS' dead bodies (using default keys)

--62--New nice TEXTURE for the ZAZ (the littlest car). Now is very pretty and fun. 
(FIXED too the error about the looking up: by default you saw a piece of sky through the car roof)

--63-- Changed (low levels) BANDITs' trousers for differentiate them from Stalkers and generally for quick better visibility.
Many times you 'll can see the great difference in game and (after tested) I think now this a simple feature that cannot miss!!!

--64-- You can have an healing rest, SLEEPING (and maybe DREAMING) in your s.bag always available in inventory. 
Be careful when you are wounded or affected by radiations. You can die.

--65-- Some texture redesigned, with a nice look: ARENA, BAR, new TV. A beautiful Poster of STALKER movie (it has inspired greatly the Stalkers GSC programmers) is a "must" for this game. A little MAP with geographic World and position, by a red dot, of Chernobyl.. just for have some "extra"  info...
You can find many of them in different places and "see" the difference.. 

--66-- In CORDON, trader can sell ammos for the AK74 (5.45 x 39ap/fmj) after the Wolf's quest.

--67-- More available strong and medium outfits, weapons and ammos in BARIST shop

--68-- REPAIR MOD multilanguage added. By default language is ENGLISH. 

--69-- You can use the MaxCompassMOD inside main .zip file, for replace the default COMPASS.

--70-- VIEW CAMERA enabled by adding (yourself) 4 lines in your USER.LTX : 

bind turn_engine kK
bind cam_1       kF1
bind cam_2       kF2
bind cam_3       kF3

Key k turn on/off Car engine
Key F1 enable 1° person view (default)
Key F2 enable 3° person view
Key F3 enable free 3° person/out view


-- Tip: if some military outpost is too hard, kill someone with car, someother by yourself and then attire soldats in a trap 
    (when you begin have a near friendly stalkers village..... And maybe they can need, before, better weapons...)
-- Tip: sometime a big monster can work to your advantage... so...
-- Tip: with a good weapon, in single shot (1) mode, sometime, you can kill everyone without, almost, risk! and without waste ammos.
    But work fast with your mouse.
-- Tip: you can take (driving) your car between some level (example: Garbage <<< >>> Agroprom ...)

3. Uninstall

    Delete or rename folders/files created (gamedata folder)

4. Legal Agreement

   Feel free to use this MOD and have fun with your new STALKER SHOC! 
   This MOD comes out as STAND-ALONE. 
   So.. any overwriting, modification or mixing/merging it with others MOD can cause a crash 
   if you dont know exactly what you must do.

5. Thanks to 
GSC &quot;STALKER - SHOC&quot; and to the Staff

6. PICTURES/screenshots (bad quality - high jpg compression) about &quot;; files

7. README file (this) in &quot;;

8. ADD ON 

   -- DONT CARE ABOUT red warnings in STALKER console: &quot;... invalid ogg-comment... etc..etc..&quot;.
      OGG comment is only an internal value about the meter RANGE (diffusion) of the sound. 

-- This MOD requires a NEW GAME and all your OLD SAVE are not valid !!!
       ( I suggest eliminate them in main Menu for avoid confusion or some crash.)

Some KNOWN BUG (little or great...) that now I can just remember about GAME (not the Mod): 
-- sometime in CORDON time goes forward exactly 12 hours (example after the 8.00 ( you can have 21.00 (9.00 p.m.)  
-- sometime in FREEDOM camp, sentinels on main tower &quot;walk&quot; on the AIR.
-- many inanimated items dont stay exactly on ground but on AIR (few distance/height)
-- in YANTAR, Kruglov (if he lives) can block the metal door of the Shop/Laboratory and you can be trapped in, or you cannot enter (solution, almost always valid: save and reload)
-- many DIALOGS wrong (question/answer)
-- many PRICES wrong and not corresponding item's quality/value (I have fixed only some of them... those more &quot;visible&quot;...)
-- in YANTAR, around shop/laboratory, you can have a randomly crash after DUTYs come to guard and/or you interact with them. 
-- you can listen guitar-harmonica music when NPCs have not more a guitar or harmonica in their hand/mouth.
-- in CORDON you can see some &quot;ghost&quot; soldier at Southpost. If you shot him, he can desappear (though your Warning visibility red - red color in the MOD - line stay always high)
-- cars (added by MOD) can have  bugs.
-- features of some mission (NPC wrong presence, repetition of dialogs, etc...etc..) 
-- sometime you can see only the particular light presence of ARTIFACT, but artifact there is not
-- sometime ARTIFACT can enter in a &quot;solid&quot; object and you cannot more grab it.
-- sometime GRENADE doesnt work with key 4 (solution: press casually some other key and/or save and reload) 
-- sometime you can be stucked speaking/trading or just near professor in YANTAR shop/laboratory (solution: save and reload)
-- sometime you can &quot;see&quot; NPC (some piece of..) behind some wood, wall, metal etc. etc.
-- some error of animation for some weapon's reload: visible only in not default 3° person view
-- many outfits has pistol visible, also when you have not any pistol: visible only in not default 3° person view
and for sure a lot of others.. that now I forgot, but it is ok...

Personally I consider a great error of Stalker's programmers the RADIATION (yellow) line inside the INVENTORY and NOT on HUD.
Maybe a very good script programmer/modder 'll fix it, with a relative mod. Let me know if someone does it >>> welcome


THIS MOD is ONLY for STALKER SHOC ver. 1.0005 & 1.0006 !!!

Start a new game and enjoy this LITTLE in dimension but GREAT in features MOD.

Have fun.


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