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This mod changes may aspects of the SP game, check the readme below!



Moonracer's MultiMod for STALKER
Version 1.0
contact info:  sethmoonracer {at} yahoo [dot] com

	This mod adds several changes to the game. Including two new weapons (a sawn off shotgun and Viper SMG that both fit in the pistol slot), improved trade, improved AI, and more.

	Place the included "gamedata" folder into your STALKER game directory.

Detailed Information:
	Below is a list of files in the included "gamedata" directory and a description of what each does. If you only want some features of this mod you can select which files to put in your gamedata directory.

[Config/cratures/ ]   -directory
actor.ltx  	--Increases max ammount you can carry till you can't walk to 70 kg (you will still get strain yourself carrying over 50 kg).

m_stalker.ltx 	--Improves NPC usage of items, allowing them to pick up better weapons off ground and use them (possibly more effects). Since "stalker" tends to be a generic term for NPCs this may affect most if not all human NPCs.

[Config/misc/ ] -directory

items.ltx	--Removes Beeping sound when you get near anomalies. Highly recomended for an extra challenge. Throwing bolts will be more useful and running more dangerous.

trade_barman.ltx	--Adds a few more items for sale by the barkeep. Adds the unique pistol slot Viper machine gun for sale by him as well.

trade_generic.ltx	--Increases trade options with other Stalkers. You can now sell them ammo and most weapons (left out the most common weapons). There is a posibility that they will drop weapons after you sell them which creates a possible exploit (less likely, if not fixed, when used with "m_stalker.ltx" file). I recommend you use both files. 

trade_trader.ltx	--Adds a few more items for sale by the barkeep. Adds the unique pistol slot sawn-off shotgun for sale by him as well.

unique_items.ltx	--Needed to use the two new guns.

[config/text/eng/]	-Directory

string_table_enc_weapons.xml	--Needed to use the two new guns.


weapons.ltx		-Changes 12 guage ammo to shoot 12 pellets instead of 10.

Legal Junk:
Feel free to use or edit this mod or any part of it however you want. Permission is not required. Just have fun.

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