Motor´s Modded Melange of Mods by other Modders and Own Stuff

This mod changes many aspects of the game, mashing several current mods together and adds in some new stuff as well. In this version the wea...


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This mod changes many aspects of the game, mashing several current mods together and adds in some new stuff as well. In this version the weapons have been made more accurate and have more power, the AI has been improved, and the damage system is more realistic.

For full details see the readme below.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:Motorbitch proudly presents:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Motor´s Modded Melange of Mods by other modders and own stuff 




this mod will altering the difficulty level of stalker somewhat. Enemys will see you far sooner and weapons do much more damage. If you akt incautious, you will be dead in a second.

V 0.2


rewrtitten weaponbehavior. recoil is now much stronger and the crosshair will move much more around when zoomed. Weapons are even more accurate now, but over all, its much more difficult to hit. however: its not the fault of the weapon anymore.
all 5.45x39 caliber weapons made stronger and more accurate. respecting the developers intentions they are still a bit weaker and more inacurate compared to the 5.56x45 weapons, but not that much.
made bandages lighter. they dont heal ayway.
radaway now will damage your health slightly (0.1) and lower your endurance (0.25). this can be verry dangerous, rendering you incapable to move for a while so do not use it when you are in the radiation zone. but no drug without side effect ;)
made the standard medkit slightly stronger (0.7) and put it back to the original weight of 0.3 kg.
reduced weight for armymedkit to 0.4 (was 0.5, original is 0.3)
made scientic medkit slightly less efektive (0.9) (due to the antirad) and lowered weight to 0.4 (was 0.5, original is 0.3)

removed the changed conversation scripts for the military area. this means you can not repair there anymore, but you can get the bloodsucker quest from that dealer guy again. dunno what the questproblem caused as this modification was not my work, but i think the bar is close enugh from there anyway.
original m_crow.ltx restored, i finaly seen some, but culd not shoot them. so i decided to restore the original file just in case my changes caused troubles.removed changes made to cat-spawn as well. i found out why they did not spawn and was able to make the engine try to let them spawn. this caused the game to crash, however.

plans for the future:

making crows shotable - maby i will manage to do this, maby not.
spawn of cats, tushkanos, rats and giants - unlikely. i think they are disabled for a reason as they are nowhere seen in the game.
let poltergeists and controllers spawn - quite possible, as they are in the spawnscrip already and its sure they are complete implyed.
maby i will put in cars, but rather not.

known problems:

accuracybar for some weapons is incorrect. this is not new, for the svd and svu this occured in the original version as well. new is the the incorrect bar for the abakan. The abakan is in a line with other assaultrifels and im clueless why its shown as a snipergun. 
none i know... if u find some, mail me plz.

V 0.1


I includet Heru´s phantastic "girl on tv" mod, i culd not resist (this original rail-vid makes me sick) and i think a but perfectly fits into the athmosphere. hope it works, didnt pass a tv since.

my part:

tweaked all creatures, beast, humans and the actor a lot.

- higly moded damagesystem : critical damagezones incl.: eyes, eyeleads, yaws, toes and other sophisticated sadistic hitzones like  fingers (me thinks this shuld render humans incapable to use firearms when hiting certain fingerparts,(each finger got 3! hitzones but there are only 6 fingers and no thumbs, so 18 fingerhitzones and 3 are important for weaponusing), altrough i did not manage to snipe one of yet).Over all, humans now die much quicker without further rising the weaponpower.

- advanced blood-loss-system (damagezone related, legs will bleed more than arms exemplary) and tweaked woundhealing (precisely: no woundhealing(at last for the actor without bandages)).

- limping occours much earlyer when criticaly wounded, for both beast and men.

-minor weapontweaks and incrased radius that showes itemnames on floor when pressing the pickup-button. 

-Crows *shuld* be shootable as seen in the dev-vids, but i did not seen one recently... maby i shuldnt have put all the values into the crow-file. anyway, if you find this file sucks, just delete m_crow.ltx, rename the includet copy of m_crow.ltx, and all shuld be fine.

-also i crawled trough the m_cat.ltx, seems she was a bit of dissorted. *maby* now there will be visible cats and not just that mejow. If you see a cat or if you can kill a crow, please tell me. 

-Lots of twaks in terms of npc behavior.

-mmmombomos includes all the stuff from mmmombom 0.2 (see below)

finaly, i proudly presenting you moders out ther a little


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~mmmombomos HIGHLIGHT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

nearly all comments in the actor and stalkerfiles are translated from russian to english.
since this is done with bablefish, sometimes stuff like 
"satiety_power_v		= 0.00005	;"an increase in the force with the decrease of the satiety", dont make much sense
(me thinks it means something like "hunger is the path to the dark side of the force") but most of the comments are verry understandable. This shuld help a lot when it comes to other tweaks, i hope you can use this. also i cleaned up a little, making it more easy to oversee the files.

--------------------How to install----------------------------------

what you need to do before installing this mod:

-install the Stalker_Patch_v10001

how to install this mod:

-open the file "fsgame.ltx" in your stalker maindirektory.

 locate the following line:

  $game_data$ = false|	true| $fs_root$| gamedata\

  change it to:

  $game_data$ = true|	true| $fs_root$| gamedata\

- Extract the mod and copy the direktory "gamedata" into your stalker maindirektory (probably something like "C:\Program Files\THQ\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl").

to uninstall just delete the gamedata folder.

savegames *shuld* be unaffected by these tweaks.

*********customising the difficulty**********

open gamedata\config\creatures\actor.ltx

find the following line:

immunities_sect		= actor_immunities_gd_master

change it to:

immunities_sect		=actor_immunities_gd_veteran ;for 80% weapondamage taken by player
immunities_sect		=actor_immunities_gd_stalker ;for 65% weapondamage taken by player
immunities_sect		=actor_immunities_gd_novice  ;for 50% weapondamage taken by player

final words on the damagesystem:

without cusomisation the player will take exactly the same amount of damage as a npc.This means: a single headshot will kill you. just 1-4 hits (strongly depending on where you are hit)  from a assault gun will kill you no matter what armor you weare.
use a bandage everytime you are shot. unfortunately, u can not see where you have ben hit, and a hit into your thigh can kill you in no time due to the bloodloss, even if a hit there will do only average damage compared to the upper body. finaly a use for the tons of bandages in the game. 
dont rush around in hostile areas. take your time and use your binoc. 
take advantage of the much higher weapon range. the ai will.
keep in mind that bullet drop and bullet speed is much more important due to the long ranges.

mmmombom features:

V. 0.2
primary bugfix for ai.
Moded all unique weapons to balance them with the regular ones.

v. 0.1

What this mod does:

Higher carrycapacity (60/80)
Much higher weapondamage.
Zoomlevels for scopes inrcased (now you will get a 4X zoom if you buy a 4x scope). 
Assaultrifles and Sniperrifles made more accurate.
Npc´s will be more sensitive to light (you dont always have your headlight enabled in that dark dark night, have you?) and have a greater sightrange to to keep up with your scopes. 
Abakan is only capable of fire single- and dual- fire, but with 1800 rpm. (impossible to make the first 2 shots fire with 1800 rpm and all others with 600, so this is my way to make the abakan more realistic without overpovering it).
trader and the barman will repair your weapons and armor.
The duty-freak will offer better stuff (although not so good stuff that it wuld spoil the game).
spotlight made darker and with a much smaller cone, but having a verry high range. somehow, this is the smallest thing in this mod, but actually the one i like most ;)
Npc respawn ca. after 16 hours.
Food and bandages dont heal.
Questtime doubled.

For this mod i´ve stolen a lot of stuff from:

Realism Mod (
 by hERd

taken most of this mod, exept for:
artifact changes (i like them as they are)  
that anomalie gfx disable stuff (anomalies already suck enugh, i hate beeing toasted).

i moded some files of this mod. damage and bulletspeed for silenced assault riffles where incorrect and german repairtexts have been as funny as my english
Also. for me the modificated traders are buggy. as soon as i place a trade_anyone.ltx in the misc folder, that trader will only sell the stuff he initialy has and will not get better stuff when doing qests for him or advancing with the mainplot. This happens for me even with a unmodified trader_anyone.ltx files and even if that file is the only file in the gamedata folder. (also, having scopes and nadelaunchers sold by the first trader changes the game somewhat). my solution: the only modified trader is the duty-freak, as one can access him not to early in the game. he will sell pretty nice stuff but nothing that spoiles the game to much (no svd, no gauss, no fn2000, no bulldog no amorpiercing ammo etc.)

read here for more infos what else this mod exactly does:;78112

 by TheVoodoo.
This makes nights darker and much more athmospheric. 
Thanks TheVoodoo, i stolen one of your screenshots :P

textures and meshes from
 Serilas' Advanced Warfare Modification 4.0.
I had liked to use his sounds as well, but the console showed me in red errors with them, so i did not use em.
weapon Screenshots by Serilas

plus some other minor tweaks.

Have fun and keep your head low ;)

feedback to : motorbitch at

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