Mutantparts v1.0 + AMK Mutants R3 [ENG]

This is an update to the Mutantparts and AMK Mutants mod by first_emperor. This fixes several spelling and grammatical mistakes present in t...


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This is an update to the Mutantparts and AMK Mutants mod by first_emperor. This fixes several spelling and grammatical mistakes present in the first version.

This Modification should work with every version of the game, however it's recommended to use 1.505 or 1.506 since it's not tested on other versions.

Check the readme for full details.

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Me and many others don't understand why they took them out of the game. That's why I mad this little Mod. 



-Bloodsucker drops with 20% possibility his jaw (normally you shoot him in the face, so there is often nothing left ;))
-Boars drop with 75% possibility one leg
-Burer drops mit 50% possibility his Hand (if I remember correct, the mutant itself is not yet ingame)
-Dogs dropwith 60% possibility their tail
-Flesh's drop with 20% possibility an eye (see Bloodsucker)
-Pseudodogs drop with 60% possibility their tail
-Snorks drop with 65% possibility one leg
-Zombies drop with 50% possibility a leg (see Burer)

->The Rest of the mutants had no values in the configs I could change.

-Every Trader who buys artifacts also buys mutant parts, but for 10% less money than for artifacts. Artifacts are more valuable.
-Nobody sells mutant parts. Why should they.


-Since GSC had a spelling error in the configs it was unplayable (pseudodogtail was one time named psevdodogtail and than pseudodogtail)
-Prices were balanced -> I calculted them ozt of droprate and the original Price (except snork leg, which was much too cheap),
so don't wonder about the strange prices:
original price/droprate=new Price



-prices were balanced again (with the same formula - except pseudodog, Burer and Zombie)



-Controller, Pseudogiants, Tushkanos and Chimäras now also have mutantparts (Chimäras not ingame yet). Prices are already balanced.


AMK Mutants

-Values of the mutants were balanced according to the AMK-Mod, since this mod has the (in my humble opinion) most balanced and realistic mutants. Mutantants are now much more dangerous and are not that easily killed.


AMK Mutanten Release 2

-Last mutants balanced according to the AMK Mod (Chimäras and Zombie (not ingame), Controller, Pseudogiant, Poltergeist, Tushkano, crows)


-Descriptions of all Mutantparts included. They ressemble the descriptions of the AMK-Mod (to be exact Wlad777 Soljanka, which is a german Modcompilation with the AMK Mod 1.4.1 as base and many very good Addons merged and translated into german). The Descriptions were partly edited or even rewritten.


AMK Mutanten Release 3

-Everything reread and not many changes. Only Flesh has completly new balance since I forgot this one mutant :)


[ENG v2]
-fixed multiple spelling issues...


Vertoz for the mutantparts of Controller, Pseudogiant, Tushkanos and Chimäras! (taken over out of Wlad777's AMK - Soljanka 6.5)
Stooka who gave me the glorious idea to use notepad for the .xml files. Open Office made the description files corrupt.

Have fun with this modification!

This mod must not be offered as download or used and released in other mods without my permition.
I'm not responsible for technical or any other problem with your hardware and even game. This mod ist used on your own free will, on your own accound or it's not used.
However there shouldn't be any.

Thread of this Mod: !GERMAN!
xfire: firstemperor984

the first_emperor

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