This mod is a powerhouse. It has new weapon skins, sounds, scopes, graphics (textures), sunrays and many bug fixes.

Be warned, this mod can seriously tax your system if it isn't up to par.

Check the readme for full details!




                               Geitema Presents:

             S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clearsky Modpack for v1.5.06 and v1.6.07

comes with an handy map where you can find all the artefacts and guns, stashes etc

Minimal system requirements to run properly 1280x1024 medium :

C2D E8200 / Phenom X4
4Gb DDR memory
HD4850 - hd4870 - 9800GTX

Known issue's :

Crash when u kill all the army boys in cordon.

System memory running low ( cause of the graphics mod in it )

Working on these problems and probaly solve'd in V1.1 thats coming next month

I tested the mod for about 2 hours with maximum details etc and it works fine.


Public release date : January 1st.

This is for the original retail version ! 


This mod Include's

-  New weapon skins and sounds to make it more fun and realistic.

-  New weapon scope's thats better than the original scope's (by Gnomus)

-  Graphics like walls floors and wood , a lot of better graphics and sunrays etc. ( your FPS will go down with 5 or more , depends on system specs. )

-  Fixed bug : when u save Wolf's brother you must get the final usb stick.

-  New PDA map skins

-  The Pm pistol is now a little more accurate and has more stopping power

-  Include's an JPG map of the game with all the places marked where you can find artefacts and other goodies

-  Traders have more ammo and food and guns ( if u dont like this , the original trader files are included. )

-  The ammo thats used often is priced cheaper.

-  Grenade's explosion is bigger and more deadly 

-  Improved sounds for all weapons

-  I have forgot a lot of things so there is more in this mod.


How to install this crap :

Drag the game data folder from the archive into the root of your Stalker: Clear Sky directory


Can be used for other mods , no credit needed

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