Have you ever thought the zone was rather barren? Do you want lots of guys to fight? This mod is for you as it adds in many new spawns and STALKERs to the zone.

The Zone is boring no more! See the readme for full details!



 - NoMoreBoringCordon1.0 - Stalker 1.0004 

  The idea is simple. More badguys in escape level. A Huge spawn of Bandids and mercs in carpark and close to border with the garbage. There's also a couple of duty, scientists, and loners. In the "neutral spawn positions", there are gauss rifle, rpg7, and rg6 (aka bulldog), on the ground. Sometimes the neutral will take the weapons, sometimes they wont. They need help, for sure. And you need it too. Remember this, the badguys are NOT INCLUDED in the "GULAG", so if you have the "kill the bandids in the carpark" mission, take a look to your "Contact" list key (H???). Even if you have the "Take the flashdrive from nimble"... be carefull. For the same reason, if they survive... they will start to walk in a "random base". If you dont stop them, they will destroy the rookie camp. Guess what, it's not that bad, because sooner or later they will kill the military under the bridge, etc. Well that's it. Have fun. Btw you also have a 30 minute timer in Stancia1.

  Items in your Inventory (weight = 28.6 Kilos):
 - 8000 Ru
 - Military Specops outfit
 - Vintorez + ammo
 - USP Compact + ammo
 - Grenade F1 = 2
 - Grenade Rgd = 4
 - Smoke grenade = 7 (I thing it's useless, but who knows, sidorovich is right there, so you can take more cash from him, right?)
 - Yellow medkit = 1
 - Blue medkit = 2
 - Orange medkit = 3
 - bandage = 2
 - energy drink = 1


 If this is your first mod, you must change you "fsgame.ltx" like this;

Line 2, the default is:

$game_data$   		= false|	true|	$fs_root$|		gamedata

You must change it to:

$game_data$   		= true|	true|	$fs_root$|		gamedata

Well now you just need to unpack the mod inside of you "chernobyl" folder. That's it. You are ready to go.


- Gsc/Thq (of course)

- The rest... well... it's not important, i guess. You want to merge it with another mod? No problem. Do it. However, the credit is always cool, right?

Have fun guys.


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