Normal Accuracy PLUS for O.L. 2.2

This is a modified set of Weapon configs for Oblivion Lost 2.2 - it's pretty much the contents of Normal Accuracy PLUS ported into Oblivion...


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This is a modified set of Weapon configs for Oblivion Lost 2.2 - it's pretty much the contents of Normal Accuracy PLUS ported into Oblivion Lost 2.2.

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Download 'normal_accuracy_plus_for_o.l._2.2.rar' (262KB)

1. Extract the .rar
2. Replace the existing Oblivion Lost 2.2 STALKER/gamedata/config/weapons and misc folders with the new ones.

General Info:
These configs are altered versions of the Weapon configs that come with Oblivion Lost 2.2. They  return Base Dispersions and Hit Power values for the weapons to near original default values, get rid of the probability hit registering system (that's what Normal Accuracy is all about) and then:
*Make 5.45 and 5.56 weapons more distinctive according to particular ammo traits - ie. 5.45 penetrates better vs 5.56 having better accuracy and greater hitting power.
*Make shotgun Darts and Slugs really deadly with Darts having much more penetration and accuracy while Slugs have very high hitting power.
*MP5 is made to be a good alternative to both shotgun or pistols (is as effective as either one in the same given situation - ie. close in, particularly against Mutants or Weak armoured NPC's).  
(see Normal Accuracy PLUS readme for more detailed info)

Some of the "new" weapons Ive simply guesstimated what I consider to be reasonable values in comparison to original weapon types - so some may well seem very similar to others - ie. MP7 is basically MP5 config with greater range. My feeling is that even original STALKER has in fact TOO MANY weapons so I have very limited interest in additional types so only do whats necessary to avoid UBER weapon type inconsistencies.

Note: at this stage I havent made just a Normal Accuracy for O.L. 2.2 (ie. all default accuracy and hit values with the probability hit register system disabled) - if enough people want it I can do it.

To come are Normal Accuracy PLUS for Oblivion Lost 2.1, AMK and Priboi Story - BUT, Clear Sky might make it all drop back to quite a low priority...

These are the original Oblivion Lost 2.2 (PLRs ? ) weapon configs with changes - that way other possibly vital things like model tie ins etc. are not broken - else I would have done it by putting in modified default complete configs. Anyone can use my values and the basic concepts behind those changes with no permissions or credits required but bear in mind that the original material is from Oblivion Lost 2.2

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