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This mod improves many of the particle effects in Stalker, see screenshots for examples. Again, I tried to get a few decent pictures, but to...


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This mod improves many of the particle effects in Stalker, see screenshots for examples. Again, I tried to get a few decent pictures, but to see the effects you should download and try this out. Small file size, no new game required, and compatible with most mods (now compatible with Oblivion Lost, SRP & Gosuke's P90).

I only know of AMK that this will not be compatible with (maybe version 3!).

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Download 'particle_enhancement_v2.rar' (950KB)

This mod enhances many of the particle effects in Stalker. I have now adjusted
most of the anomolies, in addition to the bullet impacts, and a few little tweaks
to the mutants. Generally the anomolies are harder to see, but not invisible.
Please see screenshots, but remember these are moving effects and hard to capture!!

Features :

- Adjusted all bullet impacts to throw out larger and more particles.
- Increased size of blood impacts, but not density, so you get a finer spray effect.
- Generally increased muzzle smoke from all weapons, muzzle flash has not been changed.
- Increased smoke emitted with shells from weapons fire.
- Optional improved shotgun muzzle smoke effect (see notes).
- Increased Pseudogiant attack (see screenshots, "inner wave" is the size of original).
- Poltergeist is now just an air distortion rather than an electricity ball.
- Burner now emits swirling smoke when idle, blowout effect unchanged.
- Changed fruit punch to match the description from the book Roadside Picnic, including
  new light animations and textures. Thanks to Darius6 for the idea.
- Changed Electro idle state to emit blue fog from small flashes of light. This now
  matches the description from the encyclopedia.
- Gravi now has swirling leaves to represent the vortex.
- Whirlygig is a more powerful version of Gravi.
- Springboard is now a pulsating gravitational distortion.

Anyone can use this in a compilation, credit would be nice.

No new game is required, and will work on any patch.

To use the new shotgun smoke, you need to change the following line in the ltx files:

"smoke_particles = weaponsgeneric_shoot_00" to "smoke_particles = weaponsgeneric_shotgun"

Includes comatibility for Oblivion Lost & SRP minigun, amd Gosuke's P90. Credit for
those individual particles effects go to those guys, I just added them to my partcile

Everyone who has given feedback and ideas on the forums, including Darius6,
GoodOlVladwick, zombiedinosaur, Wolfehunter, taito_11 & Allianxor.

Special thanks to Utility, whose previous work on particles gave me the idea to try it
out in the first place. Looking at some of his effects taught me how to do some of
those I have now used. 


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