PDA map with point names - Garbage

See screenshots and readme below for more details, but in short - this mod adds names of all functional level points to the map of this leve...


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See screenshots and readme below for more details, but in short - this mod adds names of all functional level points to the map of this level in your PDA and minimap.

This map was re-made from scratch using new methods (same as all my v1.1 maps). For details about what's improved see readme below! Now properly compressed and with mipmap levels in v1.1 !

Works fine, and there is only one file you need to use.. Rest of info in readme, I'll just point here to the original thread containing idea about this mod, and which will be updated with future versions and maps as well: http://www.gsc-game.com/index.php?t=community&s=forums&s_game_type=xr2&thm_page=1&thm_id=18415&page=2&sec_id=22

As a tip - you can find other versions and download mirrors there as well.

Also make sure to check my Filefront profile in which you can find same kind of map mods for other levels too!

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Download 'garbage_pda_map_with_points_1.1.zip' (894KB)

Mod name: PDA map with point names - Garbage v1.1
Author: Lux aka LuxZg
Version: 1.1
Date: 12.10.2008.


If you ask - there was no v1.0, I have made this one 1.1 directly because it is made in the same way and with same improvements as my other maps which are also v1.1.

Now, what's improved?
Everything! This map is made from scratch, and now you have:
- 100% correct points (in 0.9 some were quite far from real location, like Defensive outpost)
- 100% all points (0.9 was lacking Vehicle Graveyard)
- added correct compression, and mipmap levels (old one didn't have them)

For this you need new pictures so here they are:
New map texture in JPEG - http://i259.photobucket.com/albums/hh302/LuxZg/map_garbage_texture_v1_1.jpg
Overview of the whole map in PDA - http://i259.photobucket.com/albums/hh302/LuxZg/garbage_map_v1_1_zoom_out.jpg
Zoomed in on middle of the map - http://i259.photobucket.com/albums/hh302/LuxZg/garbage_map_v1_1_zoom_in.jpg
Minimap shows the same texture, meaning points will show there as well - http://i259.photobucket.com/albums/hh302/LuxZg/garbage_minimap_v1_1.jpg

I am also including overview of all 4 maps that I've made so far: Cordon, Garbage, Dark Valley, Agroprom - all v1.1, and you can find them all in STALKER FileFront and GSC Game mod download sections!

This mod adds names of points to the map in your PDA, as they are shown when you get quests.
Points included in this map are all those that are valid smart_terrain points for use in current game (1.5.05)

This is work in progress, and goal is to have all levels mapped like this.

This is how the map looks..
raw texture (converted to JPEG) - http://i259.photobucket.com/albums/hh302/LuxZg/garbage_pda_map_with_points.jpg
overview on whole Garbage map in the in-game PDA - http://i259.photobucket.com/albums/hh302/LuxZg/garbage-ingrame.jpg
PDA zoomed in on mid-east part of the map - http://i259.photobucket.com/albums/hh302/LuxZg/garbage-ingamezoomed1.jpg
PDA zoomed in on south-west part of the map - http://i259.photobucket.com/albums/hh302/LuxZg/garbage-ingamezoomed2.jpg
Same pictures are posted in FileFront download page of this mod.

Tested for just a moment in 1.5.05 - couldn't wait to post it, so here it is :)
Btw, you can notice that some points don't match exactly.. guess I've missed them a bit when placing. Also, some seem to be misplaceed by game devs as well, as in some places people are standing at one place, and quest icon does not match that position. But it's still better than nothing :)

Future of this mod:
I'll make tweaks and corrections LATER - for now, use it as it is. I'm not that good with graphics tools, so I'm amazed it looks this good.. actually that it works at all, LOL! :D ;)
Next will be other level's maps, and work on Agroprom and Dark Valley maps had already been started.

Initial WIP thread (will contain updates and discussion about all future related map mods):

Similar projects:
There is already map of Swamps as well, made by Lobstris! Check it out here!
Styles are different, but idea is the same. So I recommend it completely!

Lobstris - for telling me how to use Gimp+DDS plugin - it worked without problems, thanks ;)
Blackheim - for telling me where I can find all smart terrain names (configstextengst_smart_terrain_names.xml) which I needed to tweak faction wars quests
Chakky (from AMK forums) - for making faction wars mod in the first place, it is named something like Storm 0.1.3 (in Russian), and which I've used to start large-scale faction wars needed to get all the quests working and showing me the right names (and having a lot of fun by the way :) )
jamie1992 and A Lone Hobo - for helping me extract more data from all.spawn files which speeded up development of maps a lot, and made them 100% accurate!
me - ofcourse, for making this map, and for long hours and constant restarting and reloading of this level to get all the quests, and so I can get all these "coordinates" correctly, etc :)

INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS (by an unknown Stalker - but thank you anyway!)

Simply put the gamedata to your Stalker CS directory

And change the line in fsgame file from:
$game_data$ = false| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

P.S. If you do use this in your mods, give credit to me and the rest of the people involved in making of this mod (see my Credits section)! Thanks :)

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