Petrenko's Workshop

A small mod that allows the player to bring various weapons and artifacts to Petrenko of the Duty faction in exchange for upgraded guns and...


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A small mod that allows the player to bring various weapons and artifacts to Petrenko of the Duty faction in exchange for upgraded guns and armor.

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Petrenko's Workshop - a small mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

RC2 by BobBQ (10/19/2008)

What it is:

I originally threw this together mostly to address a couple of personal gripes in the game, but some people encouraged me to put it out here for anyone to play with. The premise is simple enough: Petrenko needs weapons and artifacts for various Duty projects. Bring them to him and he will let you try out the finished products. Each item you bring Petrenko will also net you a small rise in reputation.

What you should bring and what you get in return:

Fort 12 -> Fort 15
Walther P99 -> 9x18mm P99
Colt 1911 -> Silenced 1911
MP5 -> 9x18mm MP5 and Silenced MP5
Winchester 1300 -> Combat Chaser
AKS-74U -> Silenced AKS-74U
AK-74 -> Rapid AK-74
L85 -> Balanced L85 and Silenced L85
AN-94 Abakan -> Grenadier Abakan and Sniper Abakan
LR 300 -> Sniper LR 300
SG550 -> Lightweight SG550 and Sniper SG550
SPAS-12 -> Rifled SPAS-12
Desert Eagle -> 9x39mm Desert Eagle
OTs-14 Groza -> 5.45mm Groza
AS Val -> Sniper AS Val
Dragunov SVD -> SVD Mk2
RG-6 -> M209 RG-6

Slug -> Skinner Anomaly
Stone Flower -> Mail Jacket
Gravi -> Reinforced Suit
Battery -> Kombez Freedom M2
Soul -> Ghost Suit
Crystal Flower -> Tourist Suit
Goldfish -> Hunter PSZ-9d
Mica -> Healing Berill
Kolobok -> PNB-4UZ Exoskeleton

Boar hoof -> TOZ-34
Pseudodog tail -> Browning Hi-Power
Bloodsucker tentacle -> Beretta 92FS

So far as I know, the Lightweight SG550, SVD Mk2 and M209 RG-6 cannot be found anywhere in the unmodified game. The TOZ-34 and Hi-Power also cannot be found, and the Beretta appears only once.


If you have no other mods installed, open fsgame.ltx and change the second line from this:

$game_data$   		= true|		false|	$fs_root$|		gamedata

To this:

$game_data$   		= true|		true|	$fs_root$|		gamedata

Then simply drop the mod gamedata folder into the game's root directory.

If you have other mods installed already, you will need to check each file and merge them as needed. This is not difficult - the mod includes only three essential files and each has the added parts either at the very bottom or immediately after existing code for the one default Petrenko task. Time constrains prevent me from supporting major mods like Oblivion Lost out of the box, but the mod should still be compatible if merged manually.

The version of death_generic.ltx that is included is optional - you probably will not need it unless you are going to create lots of custom weapons and armors.

This mod was developed using patch 1.0004. I have not tested it on any other versions of the game, but it *should* work just fine.

Known issues:

Sometimes a couple of the options will not appear - the game will skip the Fort 12 option and go straight to the P99 option, for example. I have no idea why this happens, but it seems to be a temporary glitch.

Progression of options is a little smoother now, but still clumsy if you can't see rewards or skip tasks. Again, I recommend ZRP or a comparable mod.

Things to do:

Learn proper script and dialog creation, remove dependency on the quest code and add features like requiring attachment parts for each upgrade.


Feel free to use this in other mods so long as credit is given where due.

Thanks to:

GSC Game World, for obvious reasons.

Bardak, NatVac and their compatriots, also for obvious reasons.

Dartz of the Zone Survival Guide and Siro of the GSC forums for talking me into releasing this.

And again, irradiated comrades everywhere.

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