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This is a merger of PLR's Realistic Weapons 2.5 and Shadow State's [url="http://stalker.filefront.com/file/Stalker_Rebalanced_v104_Proper...


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This is a merger of PLR's Realistic Weapons 2.5 and Shadow State's STALKER Rebalanced 1.04's weapons.

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11 MAY 2008

Raw's PLR + Rebalanced Weapons Mod (1.0) by tharawdeal

"If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

What is it?

This is a merger of PLR's Realistic Weapons 2.5 and Shadow State's STALKER Rebalanced 1.04's weapons.  It was created to be used with STALKER Rebalanced 1.04, using S.T.A.L.K.E.R. version 1.005.  It has not been tested with any other mods or any other version of the game.  

What does it do?

Shadow State's mod is a fantastic, tweaked compilation of some of the best mini-mods out there, but many players feel like the weapons are too weak.  PLR's Realistic Weapons is arguably the most accurate depiction of the firearms in S.T.A.L.K.E.R., but doesn't lend itself to being merged with other mods that alter the weapons in certain ways.  This mod is a combination of the two that has been hand-merged and hand-calculated to bring the realism of PLR's mod to Rebalanced without sacrificing the "feel" of either.

What's different?

For the "normal" weapons and ammo, the most important characteristics from PLR's mod were imported into Rebalanced (damage, distance, recoil, etc.).  For the "unique" weapons and ammo, a formula involving the differences between the normal and unique versions of Rebalanced's weapons was used:

Rebalanced unique value/Rebalanced regular value x PLR value = PLR + Rebalanced unique value

The Rebalanced inventory parameters, HUD position, attachment types, sounds, etc. were not changed.  For differences in weight, the heavier weight was used.  For differences in cost, the more expensive value was used.  Certain weapon and ammo types that exist in Rebalanced but not in PLR's mod were left alone, since there was nothing on which changes could be based.

What's the result?

The quick and the dead.  In general, the weapons do a lot more damage now, both normally and when silenced.  You can take down enemies from a much greater distance, too.  Bodies fly around less when shot, and tend to fall and slump realistically.  It takes fewer hits from any weapon to kill, but be warned!  You're in the big leagues now, and what's true for you is true for everyone else.  Even a lowly bandit with a pistol can kill you just as quickly as you can kill him.  Shotguns at close and medium range are terrifying to behold.  Make use of your quick-save key, because enemies can get lucky and kill or mortally wound you with their first shot or burst.  Be cautious, and use cover, distance, and surprise to your advantage whenever possible.

If you don't like the results, don't blame me!  I'm just the messenger--all I did was change some values and use some formulae to stay as "mathematically faithful" to both mods as I could.  Creative license was kept to an absolute minimum.

How do I install it?

First, you should back up your gamedata/config/misc and gamedata/config/weapons folders in case you want to uninstall.  Once you do that, extract the .zip file to your S.T.A.L.K.E.R. directory and say yes to any prompts to overwrite the existing files.

How do I uninstall it?

To uninstall the whole mod, use the backup copies of your gamedata/config/misc and gamedata/config/weapons folders to overwrite the existing ones.  This will revert to the standard STALKER Rebalanced 1.04 configuration (or whatever you were using before).  To uninstall only certain weapons, the standard STALKER Rebalanced 1.04 files have been included in both folders.  They are the ones with the extension ".ltx.bak".  Delete or rename the .ltx file for the weapon you want to revert, then change the .ltx.bak file to just .ltx.


As long as you are not using any other mods that change the unique_items.ltx, weapons.ltx, or any of the individual weapons files, everything should be fine.  If you do use other mods that alter those files, you will have to use WinMerge or a similar program to hand-merge the affected files to your liking.  In testing, I have noticed some intermittent graphical anomalies with the first-person views of certain weapons, but have been unable to tell whether they are due to this mod, the mods it is based on, or my own system.  Please report any new graphics glitches that happened after you installed this mod without any other changes to your game or your system.


Please respond in this mod's discussion thread at the official GSC forums.  It will be checked often for any comments and criticism.


PLR for PLR's Realistic Weapons 2.5
Shadow State for STALKER Rebalanced 1.04

Any other authors that contributed to STALKER Rebalanced 1.04 whose mods are included in part or in full in the files used here.


1. This mod is intended for private use only.
2. It may not be distributed by any commercial means without explicit permission from the author and credited sources.
3. It may be modified.  Re-distributed modified versions must cite the original mods as the source material.
4. For inclusion in other mods, permission must be granted from the author and credited sources.

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