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This simple tweak makes reputation effect how much other Stalkers like you, such as if you have an excellent rep. everyone except people w/ a bad rep will like you, and vice versa, also, others will respect you more at a higher rank, not enough to automatically befriend you, but enough so that it's easier to make them your friends. as of this version no one should be outright hostile based on your rep. if anyone is let me know! also, for a limited time only! Download the rep fix, and get another tweak allowing you to use the Heavy machine guns in OL without an exosuit! obviously OL is required for that, but the main file SHOULD work with any mod, and the whole thing works with both normal OL and OL+Arsenal. I know this is an easy edit for most, but this is my first mod/tweak, so don't flame me just because you could have done it yourself, thats great and all, but this is for those who couldn't! (or are too lazy!)



why I made it!

This is my first mod, and thus, it's quite simple. I thought of this while I was playing OL and looked at my stats page on the pda, I saw I had excellent rep. and then started wondering, what does that do anyways? so I looked in the game relations and saw that rep and experience counted for nothing, so I made some changes and decided to share with those who can't do this kinda thing themselves. I realize a tutorial could've worked but some people would rather have a simple DL so here it is!

What does it do?

This mod, as said above, modifies the relationships of stalkers with bad or good reps, making an excellent rep worth having, as everyone except those w/ bad reps will like you, meanwhile, if you have a bad rep, most Stalkers will shun you unless they're also bad. also, as you gain experience and become a stalker, veteran, expert, etc. you will gain respect from others, not enough to be "friends" but enough to help at least. also, if you help an enemy faction in battle and don't kill/ shoot them they gain a little goodwill towards you now, so if you help the same group a few times they eventually stop shooting at you. also, if you have OL 2.2, extracting the script folder lets you use the MG3 PKM and minigun without an exosuit!


If you have OL 2.2

simply extract the gamedata folder and overwrite both files. YES, this works with OL + Arsenol!

If you don't use OL

go into the RAR's gamedata and extract the config folder ONLY, into your own Gamedata folder, I haven't tested but I'm near positive it will work with just about any mod that doesn't have a new faction, so long as you don't mind the OL type faction relationships, which are only slightly different. (Bandits and freedom = neutral, same for army and duty)

all credit for these files go to Kanyhalos, the creator of OL, or if he doesn't want it GSC. they made em' I just edited them!

Any complaints? problems?

Just comment them, I'm only putting this on STALKER Files, if you got it somewhere else, go there. If you like the idea, but want it more/ less extreme, (bad rep = hostile or something), just say so and I'll see what I can do, although it should be easy to do by yourself.

If you want to use this in a mod/ compilation.

Go for it, I don't need any credit, anyone who can type coulda figured this out eventually, lucky for you guys, I did it for you!


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