Realism ModPack

--Realism ModPack v1.0-- is a compilation of mods i found out there. It makes Clearsky what it should be: challenging, fun, and immersive.


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--Realism ModPack v1.0-- is a compilation of mods i found out there. It makes Clearsky what it should be: challenging, fun, and immersive.

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Game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky  --Realism ModPack v1.0--
by RastaKoueR

Game version: (or newer)
Game localization: EnG, FR.
Release date: 2008-09-23

romeozmail -at- gmail -dot- com, don't hesitate if you have any comment, or go to: 

--Realism ModPack v1.0-- is basically a compilation of modifications that i liked/loved. It makes Clearsky what it should be and for that i thank and 
kneel before all the authors that i borrowed mods from.

Don't forget to use S.H.A.R.P.E.R texture mod. I didn't include it here cause it is too heavy.


1/Drop "gamedata" folder in your "S.T.AL.K.E.R - Clearsky" directory. I recommend that you previously delete "gamedata" folder if you have any.

2/Go into your "C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDocumentsSTALKER-STCS" directory, make a backup of user.ltx 
and replace it with the one provided in "S.T.A.L.K.E.R - Clearsky  --Realism ModPack v1.0--"

3/Make sure that FSGAME.LTX into your "S.T.AL.K.E.R - Clearsky" directory contains these values:

$arch_dir$              = false| false| $fs_root$
$game_arch_mp$          = false| false| $fs_root$|            mp
$arch_dir_levels$       = false| false| $fs_root$|            levels
$arch_dir_resources$    = false| false| $fs_root$|            resources
$arch_dir_localization$ = false| false| $fs_root$|            localization
$arch_dir_patches$      = false| true|  $fs_root$|            patches
$game_data$             = true|  true|  $fs_root$|            gamedata
$game_ai$               = true|  false| $game_data$|          ai
$game_spawn$            = true|  false| $game_data$|          spawns
$game_levels$           = true|  false| $game_data$|          levels
$game_meshes$           = true|  true|  $game_data$|          meshes|       *.ogf;*.omf|   Game Object files
$game_anims$            = true|  true|  $game_data$|          anims|        *.anm;*.anms|  Animation files
$game_dm$               = true|  true|  $game_data$|          meshes|       *.dm|          Detail Model files
$game_shaders$          = true|  true|  $game_data$|          shaders
$game_sounds$           = true|  true|  $game_data$|          sounds
$game_textures$         = true|  true|  $game_data$|          textures
$game_config$           = true|  false| $game_data$|          configs
$game_weathers$         = true|  false| $game_config$|        environmentweathers
$game_weather_effects$  = true|  false| $game_config$|        environmentweather_effects
$textures$              = true|  true|  $game_data$|          textures
$level$                 = false| false| $game_levels$
$game_scripts$          = true|  false| $game_data$|          scripts|      *.script|      Game script files
$logs$                  = true|  false| $app_data_root$|      logs
$screenshots$           = true|  false| $app_data_root$|      screenshots
$game_saves$            = true|  false| $app_data_root$|      savedgames
$downloads$             = false| false| $app_da

4/Start a new game. Try to enjoy!



1/ STOC Mod :
by Iztari

Modifications 1.01
+ Fixed a bug in _g.script that caused the game to crash when loading stash that contains handgrenades
+ Reduced ammo dammage (But bullets are still VERY DEADLY)
+ Updated Freedom Mechanic Fix to 4.0 by Isilidur
+ Stalkers can die from bleeding (Again not just stalkers, but all humans)
+ Reduced the Mashine gunner at Cordon even a little more...

Modifications 1.0
+ More items for general trade with stalkers. 
  -- Stalkers now buys Weapons and Ammo
  -- Stalkers now sells artifacts (1% chance that they have one)
  -- Stalkers now sells unwanted/unused weapons
  -- Stalkers might be equipped with smoke grenades (GD-05)
+ More items in corpses including 
  -- 1% ~ 10% chance of an armor drop (Depending on the armor)
  -- 1% chance of an artifact
+ Reintroducing improved Merc and Monolith armors
  -- Both uses Military Upgrades
+ Tweaked Player/Stalkers stats
  -- Can carry 85 Kg (boring, I know... But I hate to have to drop useful items, due to weight restrictions)
  -- Reduced physical box of Stalkers (NPC Collision and detection)
+ Stalkers now finds and takes weapons of the ground. (But in truth, it is all humans, except zombies)
+ Tweaked Tutorial Guard (Changed his weapon to an MP5)
+ Tweaked the Machine gunner (PKM in the tower) at Cordon a bit
+ Tweaked ammo size and damage.
+ Removed the No Weapons Zones in HQ:s (Especially annoying in the buggy Train Depot)
+ Increased News/Info Messages time on hud
+ Included Freedom Mechanic Fix 3.0 by Isilidur
+ Included a modified version of Solyanka v.03 (A remake of AMK-MOD 1.4 EN 2.0)
+ Explosive Items (Part of CarryMod3 by save @
+ Changed starting time of the game, to a couple of hours earlier (since the intro dialog is during the night)
+ Changed staring equipment to correspond with the Intro video 
+ Changed autosaving interval to every 30 minutes
+ Improved flashlight
+ Randomized cost of being guided. (Maximum cost is still the original cost)

by Chakky

This mod makes the faction war alot more specific in it's goal and balance.Monsters are alot
more active and factions are very aggressive.They also capture areas that previously where mostly
ignored by the factions when they wanted to gain dominance over another faction.

3/S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Monster Hunter v1.4
by Ceano

This mod adds back the monster body parts that
you can sell to the traders and other stalkers.

Mutant body parts loot chance percentage:
Dog = 50% (price 100 RU)
Flesh = 50% (price 200 RU)
Boar = 50% (price 300 RU)
Pseudo Dog = 60% (price 400 RU) - (before 500)
Snork = 70% (price 600 RU) - (before 800)
BloodSucker = 80% (price 800 RU) - (before 1000)

4/Improve Sound Effects: Clear Sky v1.0
by dDefinder

(Sound Replacement for Clear Sky)
Replaces the generic low quality default sound files with higher quality ones.
Continuation of Improve sound effects for SoC. Files have been properly commented

by Skeleton                              ***************************************************

- 832 textures are included in this mod!
- Tested on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky
  1.503, 1.504, should run in all versions
- No need to start a new game
- Only  textures
- Same pixel size, so no FPS hit.
- Vanilla monsters is includded
- FIX v1.0 is includded

This mod will "improve" your textures.
This is the FULL version includes mutants, npcs, walls, items, etc, etc.
There is no screenshot that really show the "effect".
Install and test them... I love ClearSky and I love even more now: :D

This mod includes:
- Improved arms for CS v1.0 by Hectrol.
- Explosive Barrel Reskin Russian by Joro.
- AntiWiggin's Tweaked Blood 1.2.
All with S.H.A.R.P.E.R. applied on them.

8/Accuracy And Less Grenade
by Neod

- Better accuracy for all weapons (+50%)
- No grenades spamming by the npcs

9/Better Lighting, Depth of Field and FPS v1.0. 
by NeilMc

Enhances Lighting, Depth of Field Blur and keeps Framerate at very playable levels,
(if you have a decent graphics card- an ATI 3870 or 8800gt or equivalent). 
This is designed for Windows XP using DX9 settings and using the latest 1.5.04 patch, however may still
work with DX10 Vista users and earlier patches, BUT NOT TESTED.
When I first played S.T.A.L.K.E.R ClearSky, I found the visuals amazing, but some of the new graphics features
such as Depth of Field / Distance Blur to be a little conservative, so these have been tweaked to look more like Gothic 3.
Three variation have been included- High, Medium and Low.

This 'mod' is a simple 'user.lxt file' that adusts visual settings to enhance lighting and DOF to make the game appear clearer without affecting frame-rates, which I'm sure you would all like to hang on to! Strictly speaking its not a 'mod', more 'tweaked settings' to get the best visual impact.

This mod should give-

* Brighter clearer lighting and darker shadows, and includes sun-shafts/ 'god rays'.
* Better depth of field Blur
* Better FRAMERATES as compared to Enhanced Full Dynamic lighting at 'High' preset (about 15fps more- see the screen shots!)

10/Ironsights v1.0
by karstux

This mod adds ironsights aiming to the handguns of 
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky. Why GSC decided to remove
this incredibly atmosphere-inducing feature from the
game, which was even present in ShoC, is completely
beyond me.
So I went and modded it back in. Should work for
both 4:3 and 16:9 screen modes. 

11/ilurker's Additional Sunshafts and Weather Pack v1.0

I put together this mod to tweak some of the weather settings and to add sunshafts to some
weather types. These work for all areas, but have only been significantly tested in Cordon.
Please send any bug reports, comments, or suggestions to

12/Gnomus's Scopes for Clear Sky Part 1

This is the first part of Gnomus's scopes for Clear Sky.
It only contains the PSOP scope and the SUSAT but more are to follow.

13/No Boring Loading disk
by ?

The small disk icon on HUD is no more.

14/Dot Crosshair
by ?

The crosshair is a small dot.

15/Real Iron Sight v1.0
by RastaKoueR

No zoom when weapon are shouldered. Unless there is a scope of course.

Legal and stuff
Do whatever you want but remember to credit modders for their hard work.

By the way, the sleepMod is in FR, if you want it back to ENG, just reinstall original eng mod over it.

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