Realistic Weapons and Ballistics by Tw33kR

This mod ( or lite Tw33k) overhauls all the weapons and ammunition in the game to give a more realistic feel and enjoyment. Data is based on...


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This mod ( or lite Tw33k) overhauls all the weapons and ammunition in the game to give a more realistic feel and enjoyment. Data is based on manufacturer specifications wherever possible and is ideal for incorporation into other mods. See the Key Features below and enjoy :)

V1.01 Fixes a bug causing a crash when travelling from the swamps to cordon along with some other minor adjustments.

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Realistc Weapons and Ballistics for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky by Tw33kR 

Tested in STALKER CS version 1.5.04

Hi there and thank you for downloading this mod (well, in respect to all the great modders out there, lets just call it a lite Tw33k) for STALKER Clear Sky.
Well, probably like you, about 2 hours into my first playthrough of vanilla CS I threw my hands up in the air after unloading 4 shotgun rounds into a bandit at 10 feet and hitting nothing but air and swore this has got to change!  Using PLR's Realistic weapons mod (for Shadow of Chernobyl) as a substantial base I've adapted and tw33ked values from there towards a goal of a more realistic weapon and ballistics feel, within the context of the STALKER CS game.  Anyway, I've been enjoying the result and now perhaps sharing this with you will add to your enjoyment.
Key Features

-  Manufacturers data used wherever possible for physical characteristics (rpm, weight, muzzle velocity, accuracy in a vice etc.) so weapons and bullets should perform fairly close to as they do in real life (and a LOT more accurately than in the vanilla game - but this works for both you AND the bad-guys, be warned!)

-  Auto compensating for weapon recoil (cam_relax_speed) has now been removed totally (I've never seen a gun that moves itself back on target after recoil) - So you'll need to compensate for weapon climb to stay on target if you're firing long bursts. (Obviously, different weapons will vary in their degree of kick-back)

- Range improved to real world effective values for all weapons so no more bullets disappearing in mid-air.

-  Armour penetration characteristics tw33ked to reflect ammunition types (don't even try to take down armoured opponents with Hollow Point rounds unless it's a headshot)

- Air resistance characteristics of all ammunition tw33ked to reflect that size and softness does matter e.g. The  5.45mm does have slightly better stopping power at short range but the 5.56mm will travel flatter, further, more accurately.  Likewise, small differences have been introduced to reflect the difference between hollow-point (more drag) and the more aerodynamic armour piercing ammunition varieties (more range, less air resistance).

-  Piercing characteristics of ammo balanced - no more getting hit by a pistol or shotty when you're behind heavy cover, but be careful if those are 7.62mm AP rounds flying past your head!

-  The amount of physical energy transferred from ammunition and weapons has been modified on everything so as to give a more realistic rag doll reaction where appropriate (grenades, shotgun buck-shot etc. still blow the rag-doll back, just not as crazily as in vanilla, while piercing and small munition rounds will cause bad-guys to slump where they are.

-  Grenades have been edited (especially the F1) to reflect the fact that the actual explosion blast radius from 40-50g TNT is a little smaller than in the vanilla game but the shrapnel ejected from the blast has a further radius. Thus you have far more chance of inflicting (or receiveing) a v.serious bleeding wound from the shrapnel across a wider area (30m), though the poor sod whos feet it goes off at will still go up in explosive glory.

- Field of view modified for all weapons so now, no scope = no magical zoom in your vision.  This feels far more realistic when using iron-sights, although I have tw33ked  a slight FOV adjustment on rifles to enhance the feeling of 'looking down the barrel'.  

- Using iron-sights i.e. zooming is still important even if you don't have a scope however, as it will reduce weapon recoil - improving accuracy somewhat to reflect aiming the weapon as opposed to just firing from the hip.

- Both the MP5, lets imagine it's a MP5K-PDW and sawn-off shotty can now be equipped as secondary weapons and used with the detector - but be careful, firing the sawn-off one handed un-zoomed has a mighty kick!

- Upgrades from mechanics are still required to attach things like scopes and grenade launchers to most weapons even though you could argue this is unrealistic - I didn't want to do away with this part of the game.


1. Simply Extract the gamedata folder into your S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky game directory
2. If this is your first mod, ensure the fsgame.ltx file (located in the root S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky game directory) is edited (use notepad) so that you change line 9 from:
$game_data$             = false| true|  $fs_root$|            gamedata

to read:

$game_data$             = true| true|  $fs_root$|            gamedata

3. This is a very lite mod and is meant to be compatible with most others however, if another mod has introduced a weapons.ltx file you will need to splice the two files together using a program like winmerge (  Usually their unique stuff will be at the bottom of the text file.

4.  By default, I have left bullet tracers ON for all weapons so you can get a feel for the ballistics.  However once you have done this, for a more realistic experience I suggest that you delete (or rename the extension to .bup) the default weapons.ltx file in this mod and rename the included file " weapons.ltx.tracersoff " to " weapons.ltx " which will turn OFF the tracers (glowing bullets) for all weapons.


	- Fixed a typo in the w_abakan.ltx file that caused a crash when travelling from the Swamps to Cordon.
	- Changed the holder_fov_modifier for the abakan back to 0.75 to keep it consistant with other assault rifles.
	- Altered the magazine size of the AN-94 Abakan to reflect the 45-round mags developed for this weapon.
	- Corrected the PKM muzzle velocity to 825 m/sec and weight to 7.7kg
	- Lowered sawn-off RPM 120 to prevent accidental double fires
	- Fixed a typo where I had left 7.62mm HP ammo as explosive, good for taking down bad guys but very bad for you to evade.

Credits & Thanks

- PLR for his help, permission and excellent Realistic Weapons Mod for SOC.

- Bad_Motha for welcoming me to this community and for his great modding work.

- RastaKoueR for reporting the Swamps to Cordon crash

- Kadjule for identifying the cause of the Swamps to Cordon crash

- All the modders out there who's passionate work make the STALKER games into so much more than 'it had potential'...

Future Versions & Contact

- Well, future versions depend on feedback and whether anyone actually likes this or not ;)
- If anyone would like to edit the inventory icon for the sawn-off that would be great!
- I will look at the upgrades and see whether they are realistic or can be tw33ked.
- Further tw33king will likely be done.
- Please feel free to email me at or PM me (Tw33kR) on the filefront forums.  I would love to know if you are incorporating this into your own mod or compilation.

Cheers and enjoy,

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