Reality Enhancement Mod

This mod changes a lot of things in the game, check the readme below.


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This mod changes a lot of things in the game, check the readme below.

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Reality Enhancement Mod Beta 1 by Solecist

Unzip to C:\Program Files\THQ\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl, overwrite fsgame.ltx and play!

This mod drastically changes STALKER gameplay style. The modifications are as follows:

- All gun sounds have been changed to higher quality, more realistic variations. (excluding some silenced sounds)

- Damage multipliers have been increased. Head/body shots are twice as deadly, while limb shots have been lowered slightly.

- Multipliers for armor have also been tweaked to more realistic settings.

- Damage for all weapons has been increased. Weapons of like ammo now have similar damages.

- Bullet speed has been lowered for rifles, so that bullet drop is more noticeable in longer range battles.

- Tracers have been removed from all normal ammo types. A tracer version of all ammo types is now available from traders and 
  can be found on the dead. AI group leaders and some snipers will use tracer ammo in combat.

- Bullet kills will no longer cause corpse ragdoll to fly backwards. The dead will now slump over realistically when shot.

- Bandages no longer heal. They will now only stop bleeding.

- First aid kits will no longer stop bleeding.

- The amount of money received for sold merchandise and for quests has been DRASTICALLY lowered. 

- Costs for everything have been almost doubled. This includes ammo, weapons, armor, misc. items...everything.
  Money is much harder to come by.

- Traders sell ALL ammo types - some harder to find than others. They also sell many more weapons than before, however
  with the money changes these should not be easily affordable.

- Many more small changes that I can't think of at the moment!

Please be aware that this is a beta because it has not been tested extensively. If you find anything to be too
unbalancing please do not hesitate to comment about it or email me (if it's important enough, that is)


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