This most aims to give STALKER a more realistic feel. You get less ammo, better Ai, more mutants, etc...


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This most aims to give STALKER a more realistic feel. You get less ammo, better Ai, more mutants, etc...

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REALITY S.T.A.L.K.E.R. V1.0 - Makeupsomething
to make stalker a more realistic game in many aspects, as well as to give a game that is a lot more like what was expected of stalker
so what does this mean? less ammo, better ai, more deadly mustants.... exe.
this is only the first installment of the mod, there will be more.


A lot of other peoples mods have been used, either for reference of how to do certain things, or as starting points to help me do what I was aiming to do, however every mod of someone elses that I've used/tweaksed has been referenced.
as of now there are 2 known bugs on version 1.001(I cant use 1.003, it screws up, therefor I cant test it) one is a very minor text error dealing with the gun statistics, and the other is sometimes inthe early morning fog you can see the sky behind the mountains
anyone knowing how to fix the bugs, or ideas, it would be appreciated if you spoke up, as this is my first time modding, anything, so I'm learning as I go.


changes as of 1.0
The game as seen many minor changes to tweak game play, and since I didnt keep a list as I was making them some may not appear here

;the Ai will beed more(and so will you) so even if you dont kill someone they are more likly to fall over a few seconds later
;some human charicters are stronger then others, this was done in a simple way that makes sence. IE the army is stronger then a bandit. no ai's have been made weaker
;all NPC's have a longer view distance, with the exception of the millitary sniper. enemies can now see futher then 50m
;NPC's FOV has been lowered to around 90 degrees depending on the unit. theoreticly after that everything is periferial, and there for you dont see thigns the same as you see them when there right in front of you. here the army offten has a higher FOV, since there trained to use ther perifrial vision.

;its dark now ;p. nights are now a lot more realistic. and due to the way the AI works you can now sneak past them, so long as they dont shine a light on them, and you dont make to much noise. something that never seemed to work right in vanilla stalker.
;a few select areas have a better weatehr map(yantar in peticular) NOT MY MOD, I didnt even change it. all thanks goes to TheVooDoo's Weather Overhaul mod
;there is now a fog at morning and at night.

;more accurite... I dont care what anyone says. if you cant hit a guy 10m away, when your crouching then you know something wrong. nor will a little jacket soak up a bullet that much. the AK's and Vintorez are less accurite now though
;some of the begining guns are a little more powerful. again so that way you dont have t unload 2 clips into a little street thug 
;real weapon info, both in text and for the guns. they now fire just a few jundered meters more then there normal effective range(so long as I could find it), they fire as fast as they should in real life, hold as many rounds as they should in real life. are named fully(the MP5k-n for example... most obsqure gun ever... had to look at the texture to see the model number), damages and prices have been tweaked so that they are more accurite. -names based off of STALKER Real Gun Names mod v.3 by Kyodan
;guns now have numerical stats telling a few things that the little bars didnt before. which if you know your guns will help you make a good choice. guns have been ranked based off of there accuracy and damage, and thats how I got the prices. however that is not allways 100%
;guns degrade a little faster... I mean come on. shoot thousands of bullets. the probably gets beat around posibly even shot as you get hit... but they almost never decrese in durability....
;as long as there is a model for a scope/grenade/silencer, you can attach it in game.
;scopes have a 4x zoom.... wiki it, thats the zoom they should have(maybe not the susat, however thats the l85's real zoom so I just used that)
;bullets have been tweaked a little, and costs raised. as well you fill find less of them
;bullets have stats as well so you know which is better and just what they do
;you are less accurite while moving, but more accurite while crouching. use it well
;the game as a system were you do less damage while walking, and more while crouching. (there are 4 values in total for each kind of movement) yet some guns only had the one value so that you would never see a bonus, this has been fixed.
;guns are now more likely to be damaged when you pick them up.
;guns are more expensive, dependant on trader.

;flashlight has a more consentrated beam, so its range is futher but it does have as wide of an effect.(range is almost 2x)
;binocs no longer tell friend from foe... not that you really need it, I mean come on
;traders have been compleatly tweaked. some are better, some are worse. but all have there good points. sorta you have to figure them out for yourself
;artifacts have more stats, yet are no longer radioactive.
;artifacts are worth more money.
;side quests give off less money now. but items recived has not been changed
;I tryed to impliment a rep system were bad guys like you the more 'bad' you are and vice versa. not issues with it yet but I dont know if it works or not feed back aprecated.
;sounds much nicer!

-To Do Yet
;change damage multiplyiers so that limbshots are a do a little less damage. right now body shots are good as they are.
;put more muntants into the game(and more stalkers to maybe) as well as make some of them a little stronger. dont worry dogs are a pain in the ass enough as it is, they wont change much
;add new guns/ammo types(any one knowing how to do the latter, info would be welcomed. since all efforts so far have just broke the game
;a repair system, but one thats not to cheep and doesnt fully repair weapons and armour. I mean the traders were pointless in the original. never once bought anything allways found it first. except armour. I want to give them SOME use.(might make it so repairs only work on unique guns, if that is at al possible)
;tweaks AI so that they dont panic so easy, espetily when you need to talk to them!!!
;reskin the guns... maybe? (I'm working on a stand alone gun retexture. however I may put it in with the next version of this mod if its done and enough people seem to want it)
;tweak discriptions
;tweak fog more, and tweak flashlight a little(I have settings changed so it may be very bright on some peoples computers)
;anything else I decide as time goes on

-I am NOT respocible for any damage done, that said it works fine on my system so there should be no damage done, but like allways with a mod back up your saves/ any other mods
-this may or may not work with other mods, depends on if the same files are being used
-it is recomended you play on at lease verteran dificuly(seeing as kills are much easier now, but the bandets get that same bonus)

-you can use this mod in your own mod with out my permission, and you can tweak my mod to your hearts content, or use if for a reference to learn how to do things. seeing as I technicly dont own it and cant do anything. all I ask however is that you give credit were its do.


-Improve Sound Effects v0.9 by: dDefinder

-Sidorovich Unlocked by DC Doom (just makes it so that sid doesnt get locked into his bunker, and you cant get in... a real pain, but a rare issue)

-STALKER Real Gun Names mod v.3 by Kyodan

-EMPORIKON mod (realistic trading) v1.3 by Athanasios(hevaily changed however so dont expect the traders to sell the same things

-TheVooDoo's Weather Overhaul mod

-Survival Guide Artefacts (2.0) by Jinx_Dragon

-freestatemod v1.0 by Proton (used it to figure out how to lower ammo drops and gun quality)

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