Remastered Bandit Skin



This skin will replace the default bandit skin with a newer, custom designed one, which includes red/black/white camouflage pants, as well as a recolored backpack with more realistic straps and shoes. "The skin is now more realistic looking with, darker colors and more sharpness."

It's pretty groovy looking, and it's suggested that you check it out. :)



made by scott kizewski, 04.06.07 

go to c:\program files\thq\stalker\ and then paste the "gamedata" folder
from my .zip to your stalker folder.

All modifications of THQ's skin done by Scott kizewski.
contact me if you guys have any questions.

This skin has custom deigned red/black/white camo pants
that i added, along with a recollored backpack with more
realistic straps. Thair are also more realistic shoes to
go with the pants(the old pants were almost purple, with
a stripe down the side).The skin is now more realistic 
looking with darker collorsand more sharpness.
thairs a shit load of shit I changed on the bandit skin. 

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