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Here's another Repair Mod; this one, however, has different supported languages, and the price for of reparation is dependent on how badly damaged the item being repaired is (rather than being half the price of the item new).

While some of material in it is new, the whole concept of the traders being able to repair items isn't, so we would like to see a little more added to it here and there. :)



Repair Mod (Rus Eng Ger) v1.22

Description :
The trader and the barman will be able to repair your stuff. 
The price for the repair is calculated in dependance on the damaged
up to a maximum of 80% the items price when it's totally wrecked.
The repair works for your current guns and armor in the active slots.

-unzip the folder in your stalker directory. (this could propably overwrite other Mods concerning the traders) 
-run the game 
-go to a trader and choose the topic "I need answer to some questions".
Here you will be able to ask if he can do a repair for you if you have damaged equipment and enough money.
the repair-service is available after the first quest (Find Nimble) but works with existing savegames, too.


Beschreibung :
Der Händler und der Barmann können deine Sachen reparieren.
Der Preis der Reperatur berechnet sich aus der Abnutzung des Gegenstandes bis zu 80% des Preises bei "Totalschaden".
Die Reperatur funktioniert für die Waffen in den aktiven Slots und die angelegte Rüstung.

-Entpacke den Ordner in dein Stalkerverzeichnis. (dies könnte möglicherweise dazu führen, dass andere Mods, die die Händler betreffen nicht mehr richtig funktionieren.)
-Starte das Spiel.
-Gehe zu einem Händler und wähle "Ich hab ein paar Fragen".
Hier kannst du ihn nach einer Reperatur fragen, falls du defekte Gegenstände in Benutzung und das nötige Geld hast.
Die Möglichkeit deine Waffen und Rüstung zu reparieren wird erst nach dem ersten Quest möglich (Finde Nimble)
funktioniert jedoch auch mit existierenden Speicherständen

Mod originally made by: MoDD

englisch translation: Ra7 (tested by hERd)

german translation: quorn23(You find me at the GSC Forum http://www.gsc-game.com/index.php?t=community&s=forums)

repaircost depending on damage working, "fixed" readme, some changes in the dialogs (eng, ger): CtV (ctv(at)gmx.net)

changes made by the mod:
escape_dialog.script: lines 9 - 102
dialogs_escape.xml: lines 768 - 815
dialogs_bar.xml: lines 1264 - 1297
eng\stable_dialogs_bar.xml: lines 1332 - EOF 
eng\stable_dialogs_escape.xml: lines 750 - EOF
(german dialogs are similar and easy to find, russian should be too)

readme partially rewritten and changelog inserted ;)
repaircost is now really calculated in dependance on the damage
some dialog changes in the english and german version

insert dialogs for an estimation of the cost before the money is charged
and to let the traders reject the service, if the player doesn't have enough money 

Final note: Have fun with this great mod. If you continue developing, credit all the authors and keep the changelog up to date =)

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