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- A simple mod that will increase your repair prices when your Rank will change. - Based on Shebuka's Reapir Mod 2.5. - Added the FIX for...


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- A simple mod that will increase your repair prices when your Rank will change. - Based on Shebuka's Reapir Mod 2.5. - Added the FIX for the "Reputation bug" - Default install in Italian, but you have 8 language ready in the "Language" folder. - Default install for patch 1.0004 (with 1.0005/6 files ready in "Optionals" folder). - Other little addons ready into the "Optionals" folder.

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Repair Price by Rank 1.0   ( by ClaySoft'65 )

Mod is based on the Repair Mod 2.5 by Shebuka, and i added to it a feature that will modify the repair
costs during the game, using your Rank (Novice, Expert, Veteran, Master) as a modifier variable.
Usually, going ahead in the gameplay there aren't big problems in finding money (while you don't have so
much money in the beginning), so i thought that trader should use better your larger budget, giving to
you a discount when you still are a Novice and you have to buy the entire equipment, and increasing the
price together with Rank, when your money is much higher, and armors and weapons have an higher value,
so they are more expensive for the repair.

If you do not agree this point of view about the prices, or if you want to change that modifier value for
the repairing prices (increasing or decresing it), all the numbers you need to change are in a single file :
GAMEDATA  SCRIPTS  _prices_ranks.script , so it's pretty easy to modify them, maybe only to
let them fit better the settings of the mod that you are already playing. 

This Mod is only a starting step... i want to realize a more complex system to change all the prices, not
only for Repair, but for Traders too, using other things also, like the fraction's reputations.

I utilized the "vanilla original" files (with Shebuka's Repair Mod already merged), so that it should be
much simple to merge this files with other mods.

I added the FIX to the reputation "dancing" suddendly from terrible to good, a bug caused to two wrong
lines in a file modified in patch 1.0003.
You could find others little addons into the Optionals folder.

If it's your first mod installed, you have to modify your file FSGAME.LTX, that is in your S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
game installation folder; open that file to edit it (Notepad is enough for it) and modify the line :
    $game_data$ = false|	true| $fs_root$| gamedata
so that it will look like this one :
    $game_data$ = true|	true| $fs_root$| gamedata
and now your game could "see" the GAMEDATA folder that you're now going to extract.
If the file has been already modified, you can go on with folder extraction.

This is what you'll find in the folders :
This is the full Mod, ready to work in Italian language and in a game patched to 1.0004.
You only need to extract the GAMEDATA folder to have it working.
For other languages or for 1.0005/6 pathced games, just read a little below.

A lot of other languages ready for the Repair Mod dialogs (they all come from Shebuka's Mod)
[ cze - eng - esp - fra - ger - pol - rus ]
Every folder has its own GAMEDATA ready to be extracted  AFTER  the  BASE FILES

OPTIONALS  (Extract them AFTER  the  BASE FILES.)
For Patch 1.0005 - 06
The filee needed to play the mod if your game is patched with one of those patches .
More Squares in Inventory
Inventory and Trad objects grid lines have been reduced, so that you can see a larger number of
theme and a less frequently using for the scrolling cursors.
(I cannot do test on WIDE SCREEN, so for the moment i cannot support this function for them)
Remove Corpse - 6 Hours
Game default for removing enemies and mutants dead bodies is 36 HOURS "in-game" starting when
you leave the level; this little mod lower it to 6 hours, to have less stuttering for too much objects.
Sidorovich Door Open
A simple script that will left Sidorovich's door to be always open, both for an easy access, and to
stop an annoying bug that it's happening sometimes to that door.

1.0 - Initial Release.

Author : 

Shebuka for Repair Mod 
A big thanks to Griphoon for correcting (and writing) some parts of the scripts
To FatRap, the first one that i saw using the reduced time for removing corpses
To the guy that modified the Sidorovich's door script
To Bardak and NatVac cause in their old discussion i knew about the FIX for the "bouncing reputation"
To Kanyhalos for his support to my low scripting knowledge.
To a lot of other people that we have to thanks, cause with their mods we still enjoy this Game.

The Mod is released "as is", tested and full working on a clean 1.0004 patched vanilla, but i don't see
any problem at all for having it work with any other patches and any other mods.
It is surely FREE FOR USE (cause i think that ALL RELEASED MODS are FREE) and you do not
need at all to ask for my permission to use it in other mods.
I'll be glad if you'll remember to add me in your Credits, and it's the only thing i could ask for... :-)

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