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Lots of changes in this mod, check the Read Me below!


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Lots of changes in this mod, check the Read Me below!

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Download 'detection_mod.zip' (224KB)

s.h's Detection mod (stian [dot] hoiland [at] lyse [dot] net)

01 About
02 Installing
03 Bugs
04 Special mention
05 FAQ
01 About:

This mod changes the way the human AI (m_stalker.ltx) will detect you. They will have equal night-sight as you, and will not know if your an enemy or friend from such a long distance.

The luminocity_factor has been tweaked so that the human AI will have much more realistic night-sight. They will not see you unless you can see them, lighthing wise. This means that sneaking into an bandit camp at night, and being less than 10 meters away from the bandits is defenately plausible. Also, this gives your nightvision a whole new way of use. Your flashlight will give your position away, your nightvision won't.

Also, the distance of which the human AI will recognize you has been tweaked. I thought it was unrealistic the way the AI could decide if you were a friend or enemy from 1 km.

The way human AI awareness works has also been changed. There are two funcitons: "stalker_vision_free" and "stalker_vision_danger". The first function is the awareness of free roaming AI, while the latter is the mode human AI go into when they have spotted you. Originaly, using the "danger" function, the AI would have increased vision. This has been turned the other way around. You really don't think of what's happening 800 meters away from you when you're in the heat of the battle.

The time it takes for the AI to wear off the awareness has been decreased, meaning that you can more easily confuse your enemy by using cover.

eye_fov (field of view) has been tweaked from 110 to 90 degrees. Backstabbing now "works" ;)

02 Installing:
Copy the folder "gamedata" from the download to your install

C:\Program Files\THQ\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl

If your asked to overwrite click yes to all unless your using another
mod that does something with the human AI (m_stalker.ltx).

If you want to revert to the original setting at any time just delete the
files from this download that you added above.

03 Bugs:
Because STALKER doesn't have a factor determining the proximity of detecting AI's, you might encouter some strange behavior when the AI is searching for you when there's no light source and they are very close as they will not know if they crash into you or stuff like that.

04 Special mention:
I strongly recommend that you use the following brightness, contrast and gamma settings (though this will vary depending on your monitor and graphics card settings):

rs_c_brightness 1
rs_c_contrast 1
rs_c_gamma 1

I would also like to add that I use a highly tweaked user.ltx for best (dark) lightning conditions at night. The user.ltx file is included in the download.

Thanks to badmagic for the readme layout!

This mod will conflict with other mods using the file \gamedata\config\creatures\m_stalker.ltx, i.e. limping mods.

05 FAQ:
Q: Will this work with the patched 1.0001 version?
A: Sorry, no. I will make an update if I migrate to 1.0001 myself.

Q: Will this make it harder for enemies to spot you at night? Or the other way around?
A: This makes it much harder for the enemy to see you at night.

Q: Will the enemy react if a buddy dies right next to him?
A: If the enemy doesn't see his friend fall, he won't react. Realistic, right? This means that if you encounter a lair with no bonfire and silently take down someone, the surrounding enemies will most probably not notice.

Q: What about sound? Will he react if he hears the shot?
A: I've changed nothing about the way sound affects detection, although I might be increasing the sound-awareness of the human AI, as it seems to fit.

Q: Will stalkers who use flashlight still be able to detect you more easily?
A: Stalkers using flashlights will defenately detect you more easily, if they point it towards you. Also, using your own flashlight will make you an easy target in the darkness.

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