S.I.M.( New Items Only Mod) for CS v1.5.05

--Due to request and people not wanting to change their game that much in my Full Version S.I.M. Mod, i have taken the new items and textu...


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--Due to request and people not wanting to change their game that much in my Full Version S.I.M. Mod, i have taken the new items and textures from it and made a mini mod which can be used as a modders rescource and to add to other mods

--I have added support in the readme for new modders who want to add this in their own mod and support for people who overwrite this mini mod with other mods. It give directions for which file to and lines to add to get this mod work with a mod such as solyankaeng, clearsky_carrymod, and every other popular mod out there.

--I have tested this with 1.5.05 without issues, obviuosly i havent played through the entire game, but the contents in this mod have worked in the game just fine

--the technical section which explains adding this mod to other mods and fixing it is included in the dowload readme, it was too large to put on the screen

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Download 's.i.mcs_v1.5.05_items_only.zip' (14.47MB)

Modification for 'S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky'
General informations:

Current version: 1.0
Last updated: 30.09.2008
Tested on Stalker Ver.: 1.5.04 and 1.5.05
Credits:First and Foremost
- GSC Game World, for creating one of my favorite all time games*

- Whoever Created the SHOC and CS Unpacker

- Textures: Siro from the Oblivion Lost Project  
	I only used a couple of textures, and then it was only parts of those textures

- There are parts of textures i used from SHOC that i couldnt track down the original
author due to it being used and abused. I didnt create the Monster and RedBull textures
Whoever created them have my thanks, and let me know who you are and i will give credit 
where credit is due

- hopefully i didnt miss anyone else, im sure i will hear about it if i did 



		**See the screenies for some of the new stuff**  

  		-I have included guide located in the Technical Section below on how to add my mod into 
     		 other peoples mods and also how to fix my mod when it get overwritten by another mod


New SKINS for Bandit and Green Stalker( aka the NEWB Stalker )
New textures for Detectors
New Textures for Energy Drinks
New Texture for Sandbags ( the ORIGINAL Sanbags annoyed me, they looked like, well hell i dont know what they looked like )
New Textures for inventory items

Modders resource for all my Inventory Items, plus other modders from the SHOC days

All Medical Kits heal at the Vanilla Game level

All medical kits now heal radiation also, the scientific healing the most of course
		followed by the army and normal medical kit  

Anti-Rad drugs 	heal a little more radiation but have a small woozy effect like alcohol
		when you use them

Morphine pills  heal radiation, restore a little health , gives a woozy effect 

Torniquette  	stops major bleeding instantly

TOilet 		paper something for fun but also stops  minor bleeding

Joint  		resores health a little less than morphine pills, heals radiation more than morphine pills
		and gives a case of the munchies!! 

Cigarettes 	craves your hunger a little

Armors		all armors can hold more artefacts now since i increased the amount and for my new items
		each armor is balanced on how many they can hold, not all armors can hold 10 artefacts, just 
		a few. My new items are balanced as to not make you UBER if you do wear them all anyways, unless
		you play on novice difficulty ;) 

Weapon Mags     Large magazines for the Large weapons and Small Mags for the pistols

The following Items take up the artifact slots, have new Inventory ICONS  

Kevlar Mesh Inserts 
Plate Armor Inserts
Gask Mask
Advanced Filtration Gasmask
Large Camelbak
Kevlar Mesh Boots
Kevlar Mesh Gloves
and a few more items i wont mention that you will have to find yourself and enjoy 

Other stuff i forgot im sure

Like i mentioned in my Full Version Mod, i am not a Texturer i am modeler, but i cant
edit .oGF meshes in SHOC or CS so i am stuck with the current game models and i have 
to attempt my hand at texturing



These mod was created under CS patch v1.5.05 but this patch version is acting funky 
with a bunch of mods right now. Good news is that this mod is fine...as far as i know

	Due to this being only the new items from my full mod, other peoples mods are not included
	nor are any other changes except whats above, you will have to mod your current mods ""IF""
	they alter any of what i mentioned in the Technical Area below 

Authors notes:
I still havent been able to figure out how to get the goggles, plate armor, mesh armo
boots, gloves, to actually use absorbtion resistance as an artifact. The stats they have are for shock, chemical, burn, and radiation resistance. The Fire Wound, Strike, Explosion, and Wound resistance just wont show in game, unless it does it without you realizing it. It worked in SHOC but isnt working the same in CS.

I did manage to make these items as outfits that you can add to the belt slots and making them degrade, and you were able to reapair them and upgrade them, but they gave no stats for defense

Again, i will say it, i make MESHES not TEXTURES, i cant edit OGF files for SHOC or CS otherwise you would have some great looking goodies. Instead you get models already used in game, with my crappy texture work. I dont know how to reasign texture paths for these .ogf meshes

I will continue to work on another version with even more items adding depth to the game. If i can figure out how to do the above statements there will be plenty of cool guy gear to go around. 

My full version of S.I.M. crapped out due to the new patch, plus there are some bugs i have fixed. I may not release another Version of it and instead work towards more for this Mini Mod. 


The modding community
this site for hosting my mod
my M4 Assault Rifle 

Installation Notes:

              !!!FOR ANY mods you use make sure the following is done!! 

See the Technical Section below for mods that may or may not conflict with this mod before installing

I suggest if you have unpacked the gamedata files for the original(Vanilla) game, make 
sure that you make a copy of it of rename it before installing "any" mods.

If you have previously installed mods that you like how your game is running with them, make a 
copy of the gamedata folder or rename it before installing this mod.

Open the .zip you downloaded and drag the "gamedata" folder into your "S.T.AL.K.E.R - Clearsky" 
directory. It will ask you to overwrite this directory if you have previously installed other mods
or unpacked the game files. Say yes to overwrite everything or it will just copy without saying 
anything if there is no gamedata folder


Next thing is to open your FSGAME.ltx file located in "S.T.AL.K.E.R - Clearsky"

Make sure that FSGAME.LTX into your "S.T.AL.K.E.R - Clearsky" directory contains these values:
you can always just copy and paste these values below OVER the text in the FSGAME.LTX 

$arch_dir$              = false| false| $fs_root$
$game_arch_mp$          = false| false| $fs_root$|            mp
$arch_dir_levels$       = false| false| $fs_root$|            levels
$arch_dir_resources$    = false| false| $fs_root$|            resources
$arch_dir_localization$ = false| false| $fs_root$|            localization
$arch_dir_patches$      = false| true|  $fs_root$|            patches
$game_data$             = true|  true|  $fs_root$|            gamedata
$game_ai$               = true|  false| $game_data$|          ai
$game_spawn$            = true|  false| $game_data$|          spawns
$game_levels$           = true|  false| $game_data$|          levels
$game_meshes$           = true|  true|  $game_data$|          meshes|       *.ogf;*.omf|   Game Object files
$game_anims$            = true|  true|  $game_data$|          anims|        *.anm;*.anms|  Animation files
$game_dm$               = true|  true|  $game_data$|          meshes|       *.dm|          Detail Model files
$game_shaders$          = true|  true|  $game_data$|          shaders
$game_sounds$           = true|  true|  $game_data$|          sounds
$game_textures$         = true|  true|  $game_data$|          textures
$game_config$           = true|  false| $game_data$|          configs
$game_weathers$         = true|  false| $game_config$|        environmentweathers
$game_weather_effects$  = true|  false| $game_config$|        environmentweather_effects
$textures$              = true|  true|  $game_data$|          textures
$level$                 = false| false| $game_levels$
$game_scripts$          = true|  false| $game_data$|          scripts|      *.script|      Game script files
$logs$                  = true|  false| $app_data_root$|      logs
$screenshots$           = true|  false| $app_data_root$|      screenshots
$game_saves$            = true|  false| $app_data_root$|      savedgames
$downloads$             = false| false| $app_da

                   !!!!IT IS TOO LARGE TO BE PLACED HERE!!!!


This mod is a modders resource as well as a mod to get the new items in game, use it and abuse it

I encourage other modders to use this so i dont have to put it in the game when i 
download your mods :)
created 29.09.2008 by taylorsd

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