This mod is intended to add more depth and RPG feel to the game by adjusting certain stats and adding additional items. A simple retexture...


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This mod is intended to add more depth and RPG feel to the game by adjusting certain stats and adding additional items. A simple retexture gives a better feel in some cases.

There are several mods out right now that try to do too much realism, or make things way too unrealstic. This mod doesnt do that, but supports what the orginal DEV's worked towards ( IMO )

WIth this mod everything is important, like stalker stashes and upgrading your weapons and armor. This mod DOES make things harder, but in a challenging NON uber enemy way.

I have included two mods with this, a FULL VERSION and a LITE Version for those that just want the gameplay changes without all the extra goodies, and to make your own mods from.

Its all about survival!

Please read the README for more info

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Download 's.i.m_v1.0.zip' (20.04MB)

S.I.M (Stalker Immersion Mod) v1.0
Modification for 'S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky'
General informations:

Current version: 1.0
Last updated: 29.09.2008
Tested on Stalker Ver.: 1.5.04
Credits:First and Foremost
- GSC Game World, for creating one of my favorite all time games

- SOLYANKA MOD: Unofficial English Conversion by Overweightninja
	**Original files compiled by AssassinDemon**

- Whoever Created the SHOC and CS Unpacker

- CARRYMOD4 by save

- Ironsights v1.0 by karstux 

- Merc and Monilith armors from STOC mod by Iztari

- Textures: Siro from the Oblivion Lost Project  
	I only used a couple of textures, and then it was only parts of those textures

- There are parts of textures i used from SHOC that i couldnt track down the original
author due to it being used and abused. I didnt create the Monster and RedBull textures
Whoever created them have my thanks, and let me know who you are and i will give credit 
where credit is due

- hopefully i didnt miss anyone else, im sure i will hear about it if i did 

		         !!! NEW GAME REQUIRED !!!

TON"O"CHANGES in this mod tweaked for the statement above

This is the first release and there will be more items and texturing later

I havent attached Screenshots showing everything because its better when it just shows up

NEW ITEMS in the game!
	New items;
 	Morphine pills
	Armor Inserts		
	Eye Goggles
	Gas Mask's
	ammo magazines instead of boxes of ammo
	And Other Goodies you will have to find and enjoy!!

Carrymod4 and amk combined in this mod

Carrymod 4 all works, except ememies dont have fuel cans and explosive items, you will have to
pick those up in the game world

Retextured stuff, armor, AKM items, Detectors, find them see...like sandbags....look like sandbags

New Inventory Items, many many more in UI_equipment file for modders to use

Bleeding tweaked and rate, so my new items have depth, and bandages and medkits are more important

You dont restore health and medkits dont give that much, to restore health have medkits handy 
or sleep to regain health....or dont get shot!! 

Weapons stats balance, each weapon is different than the other in stats, this was done so 
that the upgrading is significant

Weapon Missfires changed, less likey to jam on certain weapons, and others are more prone, and 
some weapons dont jam at all...because theres no way they would in the real world

Weapon upgrading is more useful, now your default un-modded weapon is more crappy, making a 
difference when upgrading it

The un-modded weapon is still effective, but makes the original idea of modding the weapon
to improve its stats like its suppose to be ( remember RPG and Balance )

Wepons are accurate at close range, but are not effective for long shots( Depends on the weapon )

Weapons damage is based on the caliber of bullet it fires

weapon accuracy is based on the caliber of bullet and barrel length
Sniper Rifles are accurrate to a certain degree, they need to be modded
Scopes zoom farther for their different weapons

weapon recoil is based on its caliber of bullett and real world mechanics, if you shoot your weapon
without aiming you get more recoil and less accuracy, and vise versa if you aim. This is accurate
in the real world as well using rifle markmanship fundaments. Now it works better in the game!! 

NPC's have less unique weapons and more common weapons, including factions,ie, IL85, SIG550, LR300 etc
Some stil have their original weapons, and others have been reduced and swapped for more common
Zone weapons.

Some NPC's in the world have unique weapons like the FN2000, Bulldog Grenade Launcher, RPG's, SVU, SVD
Its much more fun when a random bandit hits you with an RPG or Grenade Launcher

Depending on the situatuion some NPC's form RPG Squads or Sniper Sqauds ( NOT INTENDED )  

armor is more distinctive than other armors in what they resist and and stats they boost
This was also done to add to the need to upgrade and the new weapons stats

Medical kits are uncommon and vital to survival now in the zone
Medkits heal very little only keeping you alive from certain death, but it makes you tired,
they stop bleeding a little and the army and scientific medkit heals radiation, the scientific 
medkit healing more radiation with less healing power

Bandages stop regualar lacerations but not arterial bleeding and major wounds

Torniquettes stop major bleeding and arterial bleeding

antirads are uncommom and vital in the zone stopping most radiation, but make you dizzy 

Morphine pills take the pain away and healing a little,while reducing radiation a little

joints make everyhing better, healing slightly, making you high, and giving serious hunger :) 

Cigarattes supress your appetitte a little 

Armor inserts, camelbaks, gasmask's, boots, goggles, gloves, etc...(the new stuff) can be equipped
taking up the artifact slots and boosting defense in their respective stats

Arifact slots have been increased allowing more, and for the new stuff, but you will still have
to be choosy on what you equip, you CAN'T equip everything making you uber! 

Grenades effective range and kill zone have been fixed, throwing a grenade at tightly grouped 
enemies by a campfire will kill them all. If you throw a grenade at a group of enemies walking
in a patrol formation you will damage those it its effective range and seriusly wound or kill
those it its kill range. ( damage and kills are based on what type or armor they are wearing ) 
NPC's randomly have smoke grenades

Ammo adjusted, caliber of bullett, and type of bullett determines impact, piercing,etc..

NPC's cant detect you as easily at night, and when you are behind cover during the day. WHen you 
shoot at them they may or may not be able to see you 

NPC's can see father, adding a range wars in some situations

Everything in the zone is more scarce, making stalker stashes vital to go after
YOu wont find as much ammo, bandages, medical kits, etc..making it important to go find stashes
and to visit the traders

you can sell your crap to other stalkers, but they wont but it for much and they have less money

all NPCs have the chance to have all artifacts, items, weapons....but its a very small chance

Everything you sell is lowered in price, and everything you buy is expensive

The player doesnt run as fast, he is not Michael Johnson!!! But you do have more stamina now and 
recover at a balanced pace

NPC's dont have super speed either, and is more difficult for them to escape your grenade

The player can carry a little more, but not much

WHen you shoot a character in the head....they actually die, unless its protected

Factions have been tweaked to add more squads, you will notice this when their are more renegades
and bandits at the beggining and are tougher. 

Spawns have been changed to add more veteran and master Enemies and Stalkers, this is for balance

Crosshair removed

Blood drop size, wallmarks from grenades, and blood splatters changed for more game feel

Flashlight significantly changed. The size of the actaul flashlight now corrosponds with amount
of light it produces. It has a further range, way less brightness, and its light narrowed

Upgrading weapons and armor is more expensive, and more benificial

Boxes, Crates, containers wont spawn a bunch of items

Mercenary armor and Monilith armor tweaked and placed in game with a different traders for each

All creatures have been tweaked for health depending on their level, it doesnt take a full mag 
to take down a dog,

THere are more changes that i havent mentioned that i tweaked or changed for that RPG feel that 
you will notice while playing

Read the Authors Notes Section for more info

 3rd party additions:
- I have combined AMK and CarryMod4 features( CarryMod4 only implemented the carry Part)
- Weapon Ironsights
- Merc and Monilith armors 

No Changes, this is the Original Version

Authors notes:
FIRST i deal with meshes not textures, this game i cant create new meshes because i dont 
have the software. So i have to use meshes already in game and attempt texturing. 

I have been modding this game since SHOC came out, this mod in particular i have been working
on since SHOC and was about to release it before i found out CS was coming out. I have finally
managed to get the feel i am looking for, or close to it.

This mod is intended to add depth to the game, and giving more RPG elements. I originally
tried to go for realism but its doesnt give the same feel if you for realism, it takes away too
many rpg elements like upgrading weapons and armor. I did however include realism into this mod
in ways that add to the RPG feel, and add depth.

Because i cant create meshes for this game some items i have created look a little off 
when dropped on the ground, but not in the inventory   

the OL Team
the AMK guys
and my trusty modded M4 Assault Rifle 

Installation Notes:

FOR Stalker Immersion Mod v1.0

See the Technical Section below for mods that may or may not conflict with this mod before installing

I suggest if you have unpacked the gamedata files for the original(Vanilla) game, that you 
make a copy of it of rename it before installing "any" mods.

If you have previously installed mods that you like how your game is running with them, make a 
copy of the gamedata folder or rename it before installing this mod.

Open SIM.zip and drag the "gamedata" folder into your "S.T.AL.K.E.R - Clearsky" directory. 
It will ask you to overwrite this directory if you have previously installed other mods
or unpacked the game files.

Next thing is to open your FSGAME.ltx file and change the following below:

Make sure that FSGAME.LTX into your "S.T.AL.K.E.R - Clearsky" directory contains these values:

$arch_dir$              = false| false| $fs_root$
$game_arch_mp$          = false| false| $fs_root$|            mp
$arch_dir_levels$       = false| false| $fs_root$|            levels
$arch_dir_resources$    = false| false| $fs_root$|            resources
$arch_dir_localization$ = false| false| $fs_root$|            localization
$arch_dir_patches$      = false| true|  $fs_root$|            patches
$game_data$             = true|  true|  $fs_root$|            gamedata
$game_ai$               = true|  false| $game_data$|          ai
$game_spawn$            = true|  false| $game_data$|          spawns
$game_levels$           = true|  false| $game_data$|          levels
$game_meshes$           = true|  true|  $game_data$|          meshes|       *.ogf;*.omf|   Game Object files
$game_anims$            = true|  true|  $game_data$|          anims|        *.anm;*.anms|  Animation files
$game_dm$               = true|  true|  $game_data$|          meshes|       *.dm|          Detail Model files
$game_shaders$          = true|  true|  $game_data$|          shaders
$game_sounds$           = true|  true|  $game_data$|          sounds
$game_textures$         = true|  true|  $game_data$|          textures
$game_config$           = true|  false| $game_data$|          configs
$game_weathers$         = true|  false| $game_config$|        environmentweathers
$game_weather_effects$  = true|  false| $game_config$|        environmentweather_effects
$textures$              = true|  true|  $game_data$|          textures
$level$                 = false| false| $game_levels$
$game_scripts$          = true|  false| $game_data$|          scripts|      *.script|      Game script files
$logs$                  = true|  false| $app_data_root$|      logs
$screenshots$           = true|  false| $app_data_root$|      screenshots
$game_saves$            = true|  false| $app_data_root$|      savedgames
$downloads$             = false| false| $app_da

Technical notification:

Compatibility with other mods:

I have not included a bunch of other peoples mods in mine so that there could be more 
selection of mods you want to use with mine, i have however included the most popular and most
used ideas within my mod. 

This mod will not be compatable with many other mods, thats why i have included some of those
mods and ideas in this one. I suggest taking parts of this mod and adding them to other mods to make them

WHen i add a new version of this mod i will include supports for other popular mods or 
incorpoorate them into this one

Possible Bugs: 

I cant get the Kevlar Mesh,Plate Armor, gloves, or boots to actually have fire wound protection, 
strike protection, and wound protection, even though i have the values placed. All the other items i created as an artefact
work and show their correct values except the ones where it involves armor. I tried all kinds of
numbers, it works like its suppose to in SHOC but not in CS?!?!

I cant get the PKM ammo( 7.62AP rounds)  to stop spawning on other NPC's and in crates 

I cant change texutres paths, i have no idea how, so the Gloves i added in game have no texture
i use the burer hand mesh, but cant find where the texutre is. Its a SHOC mesh, which isnt used
in CS, but it will still work

I cant get the GPS to work from one of the AMK features, dont know if its CS doing it or i screwed 
something up somewhere.

The new items acting as artifacts wont show resistances for strike, fire,explosion, only shows 
resistance to chemical, radiation, burn, shock i cant get it to work like SHOC :( 

If something isnt working post a comment at FileFront under the mod, i dont go to the forums

If anyone wants to help me fix some of the above, feel free to do so, as well as making addons for
this mod i dont care. More work i dont have to do :) 


You can use anything i have created in this mod, include credit to the authors for the mods
that i have used if you do

created 29.09.2008 by taylorsd

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