S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Priboi Story 1.1



This is the second fix for Priboi Story 1.1, but for 1.0004 patch version. If you use 1.0005, then skip this, and download the correct version. This contains many fixes, and left out little tweaks from 1.1 release.



Priboi Story 1.1 SECOND UPDATE (2008.08.30) for 1.0004 patch

- We noticed that the light fix was left out, so we added it back. 
- Also noticed that an other npc uses Kruglov's name too, and well, we should have only 1 kruglov in game. :) We fixed that. 
- Also noticed that quest documents can be dropped, but it's not okay. Fixed that too. 
- There was a typo in a document, so we fixed the codes, now you will be able to open the radar codedoor.
- Bes's quest was bugged, we fixed it.
- Commander decided to visit agroprom, fixed
- If you pick up a task document, it will go to your pda, and disappear from your inventory. You will find it in Encyclopedia "Top Secret Documents" section
- If you pick up a document that is not target of your task, it will only go to your Encyclopedia and disappear from your inventory, if you get that task
- Only task target documents will disappear. The Sid's letters, and brown suitcase is not mission item, it will stay in your inventory. 
- Encyclopedia missing entries (ammos) were fixed
- Other small unnoticable fixes :)
- Colonel Petrenko is now immortal, like the Arena Manager, it was needed to keep him alive from instant bar attacks
- Rare army warehouse bug fixed with smart terrains
- Icons of mp5k and mp5 were fixed
- Saiga12c strap position fixed (thx to Kanyhalos)
- Traders were fixed (they buy artefacts, but they won't sell them, and they won't buy antidote, only sell)
- Widescreen support for inventory, trading windows by Nandersen & ZRP (full readme included)
- Weather fixed at underground labs, no more rain :)


Update the already installed Priboi Story 1.1 gamedata with these files. 


New game start is needed for all fixes to to take effect.

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