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This mod changes all the weapons in the game to be more realistic and accurate. It also gives weapons that normally didn't can't add scopes/...


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This mod changes all the weapons in the game to be more realistic and accurate. It also gives weapons that normally didn't can't add scopes/grenade launchers/silencers the ability to use them.

For more details the read me below!

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[b]much better weapons mod - Release, SR-Pro 0.05b[/b]

Known as the much better weapons mod thread! I've renamed it to S.T.A.L.K.E.R Realism Pro, because I couldn't really go around having my mod named the much better mod mod.

Anyways, I guess i'll have to do a change list. I might forget some stuff though, as I was so caught up doing the mod I didn't catalog every change I did.

All weapons changed
Damage values are all directly related via my own special formula to:

Projectile caliber
Projectile Speed
Barrel Length
Projectile type
Projectile VELOCITY

The most important of the which being the latter, because we all know you can kill anything with a 9x18 if it's moving fast enough.

All accuracy's changed (except for pistols for now)
Again, with my own special formula and a little help from the Greenhill Formula (wiki it) all the accuracies for the weapons are related again via my own special formula to:
Barrel length
Twist rate
projectile manufacturing quality
type of round
Ballistics of projectile type (i.e HP's don't fly as well as FMJ's unless it's a JHP)

Now on to the less inclusive stuff - 
Add-ons applicable to A LOT more weapons
limping is back in
Guns won't jam as freaking much
Weapons don't deteriorate as fast unless using corrosive or  P  ammo
All hit damages changed
All sounds replaced
recoils tweaked (havn't really gotten around to it yet, it's only version 0.05)
All suit stats changed to more realistic values (IE with a full suit and closed breathing system your rad protection is automatically 110%, and with a partially open suit and non-closed breathing system you'll be lucky if you get to 30) Also tweaked bulletproof protection, ect.

The best part of this mod -
All of the ammunitions have been re-worked extensively, I rewrote the weapons.ltx file at least 7 times (ammo values file) testing every one of them. Each round is going to act EXACTLY how it should.

I rewrote ALL of the ammunition descriptions, well okay, all but the grenades and shotgun ammos. The amount of research that went into each round is insane. In each description you will know the following information to help you pick THE RIGHT round you're going to need for whatever you're going to need it for:
Projectile contents (ex copper jacket with a lead core)
What it's good for
Who manufactured it (this and location give you an idea of quality, production quality of the round impacts it's accuracy greatly)
where it's manufactured 
projectile weight
primer used
if it's corrosive or not ('corrosive' ammo will mess your gun up at a 'normal' rate, while non-corrosive ammo will preserve your barrel and gas tube much longer)


5.56x45 SS109
[quote]Standard NATO round under the SS109 Belgian index adopted in the 1970's. 5.56x45 caliber, A standard copper jacket and lead core, but has a soft steel rod in the center of the projectile to help force it's way through thicker body armor and metal then the previous M193 5.56 round. Manufactured by FN of Belgium; projectile weight 62 Gr., Boxer primed non-corrosive.[/quote]

Replaced several of the ammunition types, here's the new ones you'll find in game:
5.45x39 HP
.223 Remington PSP
9x19 HP

You may not think having all of these ammo types will affect anything, but they really do. .45 HP does an extensive amount of damage compared to the standard .45ACP FMJ round. FMJ rounds are really only good as a standard, they punch through metal and armor better, but they don't fragment and cause the damage a hollow point, or the mother soft point will cause. Also, you NEED TO READ THE AMMO DESCRIPTIONS. They will REALLY help you out when shooting at someone. 

Example, if you want to punch through some serious steel and armor, get a round with a steel core, lead core won't do it for you. You need to cause horrendous damage to someone with a small caliber? Get a hollow point, those puppies will practically explode with fragmentation once entering a body. The 9x18   P   round, you probably never thought of it as anything, but the fact is  P  will help punch through more armor and metal then the standard 9x18FMJ, but beware,  P  wears down the barrel more because of the increased pressure.

Wow, i've typed a lot. Well I hope I got my point across, this mod is sweet. 

Download it

Just unpack into your STALKER main directory

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