S.T.A.L.K.E.R sound overhaul



Latest version. Now contains weaponsounds (thanks to gohda and the whole Redux team) and some dialog fixes from Annoying audio fix (credits to Mtang!) Enjoy! Darius6

*NOTE* This patch is needed to fix a CTD on game startup due a few non-functional sounds included in the mod by accident. [urlhttp://stalker.filefront.com/file/STALKER_SOUND_OVERHAUL_CTD_FIX_PATCH;84709[/url]



S.T.A.L.K.E.R sound overhaul 1.06

This mod alters the various sounds in the game, i have reworked most of them.


Unpack to stalker install directory.


-New thunderstorm sounds (I accidentally left out thunderbolt.ltx from earlier versions, which was supposed to be included, so there would be more variety in thunderstorms. This is now included!)
-New footsteps for player (Same ones that were included in Immersive thunderstorms 1.0)
-New footsteps for NPC's. (Well, i've replaced the default ones, those cover most of the diffrent surfaces.)
-New PDA sounds. (New contact sound. Contact going out of range is now silent.)
-New geiger counter sounds. (recorded from a geiger counter going off scale,so when you reach a really high radiation area, you should start hearing a beep.)
-New detector beep.
-New nightvision sounds (ON/OFF sounds reworked, NV loop is silent.)
-New breathing sound for player.
-New minefield sounds, trigger & explosion. (Included the zone_minefield.ltx, cause the default is using same sound as grenades.)
-All anomalies (except burnt fuzz) now have new sounds. (Springboard, whirligig, fruitpunch and electra.) Now also included the anomaly ltx-files from vanilla modified for the sounds.
 If you are using mods that alter anomalies and want to use these sounds, you need to merge the sound-part of the anomaly ltx in question.
-New stancia thunder. 
-Breathing of NPC's is replaced with equipment "clatter". (More realistic than that breathing sound. Thanks to johnnythewolf  for presenting this idea. )
  Diffrent NPC types now have individual equipment sounds. So diffrent NPC's sound a bit diffrent when moving in combat. (You might even learn to recognize them by sound. :D )
-New ambient sounds. (Crickets replaced and added a few spooky ambient sounds at night time and a few new sounds in x18.)
-New main menu music. (Just a song i did inspired by this game.)
-Most of the weapon sounds reworked.(Some weaponsounds require edits to their ltx file, so i've included those. These are all Vanilla stalker files, except the sound part. )

Weapons reworked:
-Ak 74
-Silenced PB

All sounds are properly OGG-commented to avoid any issues ingame. (Detection etc.)
Most sounds used were found on the internet and are copyright/royalty free.
Most of them were created by me, mixing diffrent sounds together.
Weapon sounds from the REDUX mod are also included, some edited and a few "as is". 
Some dialog fixes are incorporated from the Annoying audio fix mod.
You are free to use this in other mods, just credit me. Also, you don't need to ask me for permission, but i would appreciate, if you let me know when adding this to a mod.
I'd like to keep track where this might be included, just out of curiosity. :D


Thanks to Gohda and the whole REDUX team for allowing me to use their weapon sounds!
And Credits also to Mtang, whose Annoying audio fix mod is partially integrated to this!





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