This mod makes many changes to the single player game.. It adds in cars and vehicles into Cordon, Garbage, Agroprom, Dark Valley...


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This mod makes many changes to the single player game..

  • It adds in cars and vehicles into Cordon, Garbage, Agroprom, Dark Valley, Yantar, Military Warehouses, Red Forest, Pripjat, Stancia1, Stancia2
  • Random Blowouts
  • Ability to explore Pripyat in the day and you can even explore the stadium
  • Ability to explore the NPP without radiation or blowouts!!!
  • Much, Much, more!!!

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Download 's.t.a.l.k.e.r._u.h.s.f._smart_mod_fixed_1.0uhsfteam.zip' (18.69MB)

                  S.T.A.L.K.E.R. U.H.S.F. SMART MOD FIXED 1.0

                              General Information
Type.................: Stalker Mod
Platform.............: PC (Windows) + Stalker 1.0003
More Info............: http://stalker.hardwired.hu
Posted by............: UHSF TEAM
Fills Policy.........: Contact Us! (Gsc Forums, OL Forums, UHSF Forums)

                                 Release Notes
Finally the United Hungarian Stalker Forums Mod (UHSF) reached the 1.0 version. 
We worked hard to make the gameplay better, and longer. I hope you will like our 
ideas. Our first goal was to make the gameplay longer, and also wanted to add 
free exploration to some levels (i hope you will like it). We also included a 
few mods from other cool modders (see them in the credit) For more infos about
the installation process look at the bottom of this readme, i guess no need to 
say, but you have to start a new game!

			        Whats New? (1.0)

- We added a lot of cars everywhere (random places) in the levels (Cordon, 
  Garbage, Agroprom, Dark Valley, Yantar, Military Warehouses, Red Forest, 
  Pripjat, Stancia1, Stancia2)

- The cars have rusty textures... looks out much better

- You will see random Blowouts in the game...better to pack some antirads!

- We added Clean weather to Pripjat, so you can explore the city in daylight!

- We removed the Pripjat Stadium animation, so You can explore the stadium and 
  the city more! (we placed a car at the stadium too, beware of the soilders 
  equipped with RPG and gauss)

- Also took out some "electric shock" anomaly and now you can explore the city

- edited the default weather file, and changed sky textures, and added new
  ones too

- Removed the final Blowout at Stancia1, so now You can explore the whole area, 
  you dont need to hurry, because no timer will be there!

- Also added Clean weather to Stancia (to make the exploration more convenient)

- Removed the radiation from Stancia2 (true ending extra level) so now you can 
  walk on the ground and explore the area, we added some cars, and some new 
  zombies (in white clothes... you know the fellow workers at npp...hehe)

- Added Clean weather to Stancia2, so you can explore the level in daylight.

- Added new zombie textures, you will see some interesting stuff there :)

- Moved the level changer points to an other direction at BAR and at Pripjat 
  Stadium and now you can explore those levels a bit more :) Also added some
  cars and monsters to those areas!

                      Other features added by existing modz:

- cut out monsters and blowouts and psy emission (and teleports only at Cordon)

- sleeping (requested by users) (buggy with the blowout stuff, but you dont need
  to use the sleep function)

- trader mod (requested by users) (edited a bit, only the freedom and eclog trader
  sells everything)

- BTR windows are open now (requested, and optional too) 

- Repair mod is also included (2.x version i guess)

- float32 mod for better and faster graphics (only in dx9)

- you can trade and repair in Pripyat (requested by users)

- you can use the artifacts as a gun, and you can cast anomalies with them

- you can put 10 artifacts in your belt now (sorry, but needed for the detectors)

- Detector Mod added, you can buy "cut-out" devices again!!! 


		        *Now lets see what mods we included:*

- M_BCCF Monster Mod 3.x and teleports at Cordon by LSSNeitrino

- Psy Zone & Emission Mod by LSSNeitrino and dezodor

- Pripjat Trader & Repair by Shebuka

- Trader mod 1.1 by Balnazzar

- Float32 Shaders by NivenhBro

- BTR windows are open by Romzes

- also thanks to DEXX for the idea of the Pripjat Stadium Exploration, we made it
  in a different way, but credit goes there too.

- Artefact Activation by LSSNeitrino

- 10 Slots For Artifacts by Keha

- Detector Mod 1.1 by Terminator149

				 Future Plans?

Plans in our 1.1 version:

- Complete new storyline, you start the game from Cordon's entrance (l01_escape)
- You are a Military Lt. and you came to the zone, to investigate the NPP and
  Pripjat, because some groups disappeared there
- Your secondary objective is to kill the remaining UHSF members...
- You can trade at the Cordon military outpost too.
- You have a different name too ( secret :) )
- You can apply jobs if you want, because the trader door is always open for you
- Added some cut-out documents and other funny stuffs too

Planis in our 1.2 version:

- Level changer point from Stancia2 to Stancia1 (you can go back)
- Level changer point from Stancia1 to Pripjat (you can go back)
- New trader at Stancia1 (you will be able to buy a lot of stuff)
(yep we can call it a free play mod... i guess)

                                 Install Notes

1. Unpack the content of the archive to your Stalker game directory

2. Start a NEW GAME!!!

3. Open the console (~) and add this: "bind turn_engine kb" (without quotes) and 
use the button "b" for starting the engine of the cars. (or add an other key)



Well we noticed some bugs with the psy zones and emission mod... the game
crashes in a few times, but after reloading the save, it will work... we are not
sure what causes the problem (the logfiles are empty...)

-----------------We wish you a new experience with Stalker!---------------------
----------------------Dezodor & Kanyhalos (UHSF team)---------------------------

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