This little file is for those of you that enjoy playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.Weather_Overhauled (v1.0), but would prefer to ha...


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This little file is for those of you that enjoy playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.Weather_Overhauled (v1.0), but would prefer to have the nights not quite so dark. This particular quick-fix does not change the way in which the nights are lit up, it only lightens them up generally. Some interesting news regarding this mod the dark nights and realism, the developer is looking at ways to add moonlight, to better solve the issue of the nights being too dark.

The developer started this mod out as a little tweak to the weather cycle which was used in the Oblivion Lost mod; During his work on it, he started to change more and more variables, replace the sky textures, create new periods and so on, that, along with some other changes and additions gave life to this mod, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.Weather_Overhauled.

Refer to the readme for more information including how to use this quick fix.

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Download 's.t.a.l.k.e.r.weather_overhauled_dark_nights_fix.rar' (4KB)

just unpack it to your main stalker dir after installing my mod.

this is the cycle with the ambient lighting setting almost quadrupled for the nights and also incereased for the sunset // sunrise phases - to aviod the effect of shadows brightness not synchronized with the amount of light, the setting or risisng sun gives - they will transit correctly.

Also since I unified the settings - it is very easy to light the nights up even more. To do this you will have to change 4 sets o numbers. This is done in a very simple way. Here's the instruction:

1. open the weather_default.ltx in notepad
2. 1st set of numbers to change. click on the upper tab button edit > change
2a. in the upper slot paste this:

ambient = 0.047, 0.045, 0.042

and in the lower paste this:

ambient = 0.057, 0.055, 0.05

you can change "5's" into "6's" - or increase it by any other fixed number like 0,01 or 0,005 - just keep the proper proportions bettween the values and note that those numbers should not exceed 0,07 - absolute maximum value for this setting - i sugest to keep it significantly lower)

2b. click on change all button

3. 2nd set of numbers. again open the "change" window
3a. in the upper slot paste:

ambient = 0.040, 0.040, 0.040

3b. in the lower paste:

ambient = 0.050, 0.050, 0.050

note that this set of number should be lower than the previous by 0,01 - so if you increased the previous one more - this one should be increased equally. maximum for this is 0,06

4a. 3rd set of numbers to change:

upper slot:

ambient = 0.04, 0.042, 0.055

4b. lower slot:

ambient = 0.05, 0.052, 0.065

same rules again - you can inrease it futher but you have to keep proportin inside the set and with other sets - 0,01 difference between
this and the previous one with the maximum settings at 0,075 for the last number.

5a. 4th - the last set of numbers:

upper slot:

ambient = 0.054, 0.053, 0.053

lower slot:

ambient = 0.064, 0.063, 0.063

Remember to keep the proper differences between the sets - if you increase one iwth the certain value - remember to increse all others as well - this is order to maintain smooth transitions.

NOTE: This particular quick-fix does not change the way in which the nights are lighted up - it only lightens them up generally.
So no moon light so far - but i'm looking in a way to implement it realistically. I can't promise anything - it all depends on the sky textures - which i am unable to edit at the moment.

NOTE 2: he values obove are intented to be used with the recomended contrast // gamma // brightness settings - check the release post for reference

I hope that all this helps all of you bright-night lovers out there :P

And of course I will be gratefull for any feedback - maybe we can establish sth like perfect settings for a brigth night - so that they can be used in the optional cyycle that i intend to release in the coming update.

BTW i think i have an idea how to minimazi the fog-making-the-objects-tranparent issue - i will try to release a quck fix for this too - also a pre-update one.


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