S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Weather Overhauled (3.1)



After ~1 year of break I'm finally back to finish up the most advanced, stand-alone weather mod for SoC. This is the effect of my 3.5 year experience in this field and everything that I've learned thru this time is implemented to acheive best possible effect both - technically and visually. Please enjoy the new SWO - my final nad best entry to the SoC modding scene. Trojanuch Features: - dynamic weather system, composed of 7 unique 24h cycles - every single day in-game is differen weather-wise - fully implemented sun (and moon) flares - both perfeclty matching sky texture - almost all sky textures from SHOC, CS and StalkerSkies pack used. All of them hand-reedited to achieve the best quality skies in SoC ever! - smart dynamic scheme creating random yet realistic weather condition chains - no awkward 'weather jumps' form clear to storm - all changes are fluid with clouds gathering at fist before the rain starts - as always: sunrise and sunset timezone synchronization (Kiev, 01.05.2012) and semi-real, east-west sun arch (sun rises in the east and sets in the west) - best graphical quality achievable in SoC (3+ years of SoC weather editing experience) - available in 2 versions: BASIC (weather related features only) or FULL (incl. Ambient Audio Overhaul, Particle Enhancement v3 and other addons) - fully compatibile with Oblivion Lost v2.2 (via included comp-pack) and Priboy Story v1.1 (just install on top) Changelog: v3.0 - initial release of dynamic weather SWO v3.1 - all sky textures reedited (recoloration, bluring, bug fixes) - all sky textures size increased to 6144x1024 - added 7 new completely sunrise sequences (1 for each weather preset) - this is my 'opus magnum' to be honest - fixed a lot of various bugs reported by users - switched shader support to Sky4CE 2.0 / tweaked weather to fit SSAO (was 1.8) - made sun flares finally look properly for all presets (used to look baloon-like for clear presets before) - completely revampled night and moon appearence Dynamic Weather Demonstration Gameplay Demonstration Atmospheric Demonstration #1 Atmospheric Demonstration #2 Screenshot Gallery slideshow


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