SagerSTALK Single Player Mod

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This mod drastically changes the single player portion of the game, and tries to balance it without making it extremely difficult.

Check the read me for full details!




Similar to my Oblivion mod, Sagerbliv, the purpose of these changes are to better balance the game, without making it more difficult. The game should feel more realistic in someways (such as weapon damages) and more rewarding in others (for example, once it area is cleared, it will stay cleared for awhile).

I recommend playing with your crosshairs turned off, and on veteran difficulty.

To install, unrar to your game directory. You should see a path like, "C:\Program Files\THQ\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl\gamedata" for the mod, with component directories underneath.

Next, open fsgame.ltx, and change the game dataline to read exactly as I have below:
$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata\

==Thanks To==
Herd for ideas.

Raw and Kyodan for their string fixes.

Antiwiggin for better blood.

==Future Mod Features==

Further weapon and ammunition tweaking.

Further spawn tweakage.

Proper .44 Magnum based Desert Eagle.

Integrate trader mod

==Beta 1.3 Changelist==

All mutants toughened a bit. Flesh and boar are both especially tougher.

Cyclic of Abakan upped to 1200. This allows the 2 shot burst to be used as it should be -- at all but the longest ranges. In reality, the cyclic of the 2 round burst is 1800; the fraction of the second between bullets reduced muzzle rise. 1200 is a good compromise for the game engine.

Adjusted LR-300 stats as it is clearly the short barrled 'law enforcement' variety.

L85 more more controllable due to bullpup configuration.

All assault rifle penetrations increased further.

Incorporated Antiwiggin's tweaked blood 1.2.

Made some stealth adjustments.

Integrate quest mod

==Beta 1.2 Changelist==
Shotgun damage increased by about 20%.

All ammunition costs doubled.

Increased bleeding effects on human non-playing characters, and slightly incresed their health to match.

The player takes 15% more damage on all difficulty levels, and bleeding is slightly increased.

Incorporated many of the food / medical items changes from Herd's ruski realism patch, such as: bandages stop bleeding only; medkits tend to help less with bleeding (although the army med kit is still good at this). I have tweaked his numbers somewhat.

==Beta 1.1 Changelist==

Adjusted various weapon dispersions to be consitent with barrel length and round type.

Slightly increased damage humans can take; it's around the default.

Boar are little faster and a little tougher; this helps them with the increased damage some guns do. Other minor wildlife tweaks.

Changed stealth setting to make NPC less perceptive of your audible sneaking. (I'm not certain if this works properly, and it may have some ill effects).

Human NPCs can now bleed to death. The rate should be very slow and should not unbalance the game. I'm not certain how this might effect some 'protect' quests, so please post feedback. If you run into problems, open \S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl\gamedata\config\creatures\m_stalker, search for "bleeding_v" and change the numer after the = sign to 0.0 (default).

Adjusted the hit damage taken for all body parts for enemy humans. Hits to extremites cause less damage; hits to the torso cause a little more. Made similar changes for the actor. You will take less damage for extremity hits, but slightly more for torso hits. No more toe snipage by the enemies.

Bolts last longer.

Removed the MP5's 2-shot burst capability.

Increased the Abakan's cyclic to 900 RPM. The real Abakan has a selectable cyclic of 600 or 1800 RPM, but this is not possible (that I can see).

==Beta 1 Changelist==

Impact of bullets reduced. This means that there is less 'bounce' to an enemie's body when they die. No practical game effect.

Tracer effect removed from all ammunition types.

Integrated Raw’s Revamp for updated game text that makes more sense in English.

Armor is slightly less expensive, slightly more protective against bullets, and wears out about half as fast due to bullet damage. This may still be too quickly, so it may be reduced again

Increased eye height of chacter to correct level. May reduce if this causes problems with geometry.

Integrated V2 of Kyodan’s realistic weapon names

Increased respawn times significantly – respawns should take about an hour

Rebalanced all guns and ammunition to be more realistic (and basically consistent with ballistic gelatin tests)

Reduced the amount of bullet damage the player takes at all difficulty levels to account for somewhat increased weapon damage

Rebalanced the hit points of common mutants 

Decreased the noise a character makes when sneaking.

Rebalanced the amount of damage that stalker, bandits, soldiers and zombies take

Slightly increased the minimum aim time of bandits, stalkers and soldiers for less bulls-eye snapshooting.  (I will do this for zombies when I can find where)

This line was innaccurate: "Slightly increased the amount of bullet damage that all armor takes." This should have reduced, slightly *reduced* damage armor takes from bullets.

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