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Do you think STALKER is too easy, do you think there is too much ammo and things are too easy to find? If so, this mod is for you. Taking ST...


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Do you think STALKER is too easy, do you think there is too much ammo and things are too easy to find? If so, this mod is for you. Taking STALKER back to its "Scrounging" roots this mod reduces the amount of ammo and supplies dropped by enemy STALKERs, it also reduces the amount in stashes. Ammo prices are increased and not as easy to get.

One of the biggest changes is you can no longer buy guns at ANY of the traders, you must find them in the zone. Food and medical supply prices have been increased, and to balance it out you get an extra boost from food and medical supplies.

There are many more changes, just check out the readme!!!

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Scrounger Mod 1.0


Unzip everything into your stalker directory. 

If you have not used mods before, you will need to open your fsgame.ltx file found in the "programfiles/thq/Stalker" directory.
Open this file with a text editor (notepad is fine) and find the following line:

$game_data$ = false| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

Change the false to true, i.e.:

$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

As with any mod, it's a good idea to BACK UP your gamedata folder to another location before installing Scrounger 1.0. That way, if you don't care for it or experience any gameplay issues you can restore your backup of the gamedata folder to the way it was before you installed Scrounger.

If you are using a version of STALKER other than English you should download and install Shebuka's Repair Mod and install it after installing Scrounger if you wish to use the Repair Mod. Scrounger customizes and includes ONLY the US/ENGLISH version of Repair Mod 2.5. All other features of Scrounger should work with any language install.
Repair Mod 2.5:;78833#Download

Mod information

Why did you make this mod?

I always pictured STALKER as a game where you were always running low on everything, forced to stalk and scrounge through the wastes in search of vital food, medical supplies, and ammunition. I wanted a slightly tougher game where I was eager to search every corpse I found for possible supplies. Vanilla STALKER always felt a bit too generous to me in allowing the player cheap and easy access to just about everything. This should be a wasteland, not a Wal*Mart! :D 

Major Features:

* Ammo drops from enemies have been reduced to approximately 25-35% of original values. On an enemy where you'd expect to find 20 to 40 rounds you'll now find about 5 to 12. Sometimes you may not find anything. 

* Ammo found in suitcase/chests/crates has been reduced, though not as severely as stalker drops. This helps to make every unopened container a potentially highly useful resource.

* Ammo prices increased by 100% to 200%. No more cheap and easy ammo. However, most stalkers will carry small amounts of ammo that they might sell; they'll often let it go for a discounted price compared to the "big" traders. It's in your best interests to seek out the loners for your ammunition needs.  There's also a good chance that you can sell ammo to various loners and traders, since everyone's in need of it.

* Ammo in ammo boxes cut in half. This means less ammo can be purchased when you do find it for sale. I've also halved the associated weight of the boxes so the overall weight remains about the same. This does not affect weapon capacity, just the amount of rounds the ammo boxes carry.

* NO MORE GUNS FOR SALE from the major traders; that's right, these guys are hoarding the valuable firearms for themselves. You'll have to get out there and find them for yourself, STALKER!

* FOOD and MEDICAL SUPPLIES have seen a dramatic increase in price and a moderate reduction in availability. What could be more valuable in STALKER's world than safe food and sterile medical supplies? You'll also enjoy a a bit more benefit in terms of energy and health from food you consume. 

* PRECISION - You're a hardened explorer, familiar with firearms. As such, you'd expect to be able to hit something at 10 yards with a rifle. I always found the dispersion in Vanilla STALKER to be frustrating. Low-class Scoped weapons were not very handy, as the crosshairs seemed to serve as more of a 'general suggestion' of where you'd like the bullet to go than a dead-on point of death. I've lowered the dispersion to make your shots a bit more accurate. No hundred yard headshots, but just a small tweak so that the lowered availability of ammunition won't force you into wetwork with the knife half the time.

* ARTEFACTS - Sell price reduced by 40-50% and randomized a bit, so that you won't find most artefacts selling for the same price. 

* BLEEDING - You need to keep a close eye on your health if you get injured. In the dirty, desolate world of STALKER untreated injuries pose a serious threat to the careless explorer. This also applies to some of the other lifeforms in STALKER's world.

 * BIG MAN, BOLD MAN, BULKY MAN - You can carry a bit more stuff. I always found myself hovering right around the 50kg mark and hated seeing that weight reading in the red. Your maximum move weight is unaffected, but you can carry up to 60kg instead of 50kg without tiring.

* REPAIR MOD 2.5 made by Shebuka. This awesome mod allows traders in the game to repair your weapons and armor. Due to the lower cash flow in Scrounger 1.0 I've slightly lowered the repair costs for most repairs. I've also brushed up the english text file a little a bit to smooth out the translation. 

Do I have to start a new game to see Scrounger 1.0's changes?

No. Scrounger 1.0 should be compatible with all save games. 

Any other notes?

I play Stalker on Veteran difficulty and with the following mods:
Official Patch 1.0003
Float 32 Mod
Hud & Blood 1.3
Sanex's A-Life Mod 4.2 Extended
Raw Onion Revamp Mod 1.3
Stalker Real Gun names Mod 0.3
STALKER Quest mod (10 days to complete quests)
Advanced World Weapons Mod 2.0

Contact Information?

Feel free to email me with comments or questions at:
deepdarksea AT gmail D0T com


You may modify this mod as you see fit. However, if you wish to include it in a compilation or publish a modified version you must contact me to get written approval. I imagine Shebuka expects the same courtesy for the use of the Repair Mod portion of scrounger as well.

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