This is a pretty cool hud reskin. It's a nice and sleek look.


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This is a pretty cool hud reskin. It's a nice and sleek look.

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Download 'sepulmans_hud.rar' (821KB)

this is my second small modification for s.t.a.l.k.e.r. that will change hud elements in game. 
i was found some old unused texture files in texturesui folder so i decided to do something with them ... which means that this is not 100% my original work.
program that i was use to make this is GIMP 2.6 with the dds plugin for which i will leave the link to download 


copy the gamedata folder into the stalker game directory and check fsgame.ltx [gamedata true / true] 

this shit is made in the version 1.0003 which means that will work with 1.000 and 1.001; for 1.004 and 1.005 im not sure, so if someone can test it on these versions, that will be great... 


if ur using the mods that change origiinal hud [ oblivion lost, priboi story ...]hud from that mods will be replaced. first u need to do is to backup files : gamedataconfiguimaingame.xml, motion_icon.xml, ui_hud.xml, zone_map.xml and the from gamedatatexturesui folder !


this mode is free for further modification, maintenance, updates, forwarding, and its free for use in other modes [o.0 ill love that] just mention my name in the readme                             <---- for gimp 2.6       <---- for dds plugin

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