Siro's Monolith Pack



This is a re-skin of the Monolith faction.

I think I wasn't the only one who thought "hm...winter camo in autumn. A little bit early and impractical, isn't it?"

So here it is, a new Flecktarn camo pattern and unique color-scheme for the Monolith Exoskeleton. I chose white to be the faction's distinguishing color for obvious reasons.

All Monolith characters have been re-skinned. I hope you like it.



Siro's Monolith Pack


This is a pack for the Monolith Faction. All suits are reskinned. I think I wasn't the only one who thought that Winter camo is out of place in Chernobyl during summer or autumn. I decided to make the factions signature color into white so they're recognizable and distinguishable from other factions. I also gave them a new Flecktarn-inspired camo pattern.

I do not have any problems with people modifying my work or including it in a mod as long as no money is made and I am given credit. 


Please try out the skin in-game before rating. Do not judge skins solely based on their screens.


Unpack anywhere, then copy and paste the "gamedata" folder into your Stalker:SoC folder. If you already have a gamedata folder, backup what you don't want overwritten!

Enjoy and rate, please!

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