Siro's Tactical Pistolet Makarova Mod

This is a basic mod that re-does the Makarov. I felt bad that my favorite handgun (which I actually own) is so underpowered, weak, and I fee...


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This is a basic mod that re-does the Makarov. I felt bad that my favorite handgun (which I actually own) is so underpowered, weak, and I feel it has been misrepresented a bit.

Other than that, some people really have trouble with the game at first, and this provides a slight boost for those that just started playing.

This modernizes the Makarov because the one in STALKER (although with a new-looking skin) was actually the older IZh-79 model with 8 rounds and no features of the newer models.

Now the Makarov can hold 12 rounds in a double-stack magazine like the PMM, can mount a silencer, and its power has been raised slightly to make this gun not as useless as it is in the game.

This mod also includes a better-looking (in my opinion) skin that I did. Now this handgun has a black non-reflective slide and the frame has been smoothed out and tweaked a bit, as well as the handle.

This mod comes with a unique description for the Makarov as well as a realistic gun names mod I made myself. Descriptions of other guns have been slightly altered as well.

I hope you enjoy.

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Download 'siros_tactical_makarov.rar' (111KB)

Siro's Tactical Pistolet Makarova


Yes, besides the aesthetic look of the gun, this mod adds the following features to the gun and game:

This is a mod that modernizes the Makarov. It makes it look like the specialized tactical model issued to Russian and former-Soviet special operations units. It has a black non-reflective slide, 12-round double-stack magazine, black plastic grip (sorry, had to leave the ridges, they're on the model), and can mount a silencer. The hit_power for this weapon was also raised slightly so it's not as under-powered and useless as the default.

A realistic gun-names mod is also included. I made this all myself.

I don't have any problems with people modifying my work or releasing it in a mod as long as I am given credit and no money is made. Enjoy and rate.

Note: Please test out the skin in-game before rating. Sometimes textures can look worse or better in the actual game than in the screens. Please don't rate solely based on screens.

Installation: Unpack anywhere and copy the "gamedata" folder into your STALKER: SoC folder. If you already have a gamedata folder, backup what you don't want overwritten!!

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