Skins Overhauled 2.0



This mod reskins several of the weapons in the game to give them a different look. Check the readme for full details!



;; Readme (dont look to my english)                                                                                                            ;;   

Like you all know im LoNer1 and i make some skins for STALKER:SH0C, STALKER:CS.
I did make a pda mod/skin overhauled. my own design. :D. But i with the pda skin come some of my weapons
skins too. Not all of them are sweet or awsome but i know some of these are AWSOME! :P. For my opinion they
are perfect. I not only overhauled the skins but too the .bumb, .bumb# files, so you will have some great skins 
and the right bumbs for them. Not that you remove something from sight but it is still there. To my opinion the 
AK74 and AKSu are perfect. The SPAS12 and CHASER13 (dont know real name) are the best shotguns i ever made
especially the spas with the gold and the vinyl on the side, and the rusty nuke logo Chaser13 
or winchester13OO or something...

Some skins aren't mine like the lr300. That one is from my buddy Bonishazard and the fort and pm aren't mine too.
i included the AK47 skin, FN P90, PKM (Lenta), and some other ****nal/OL/Priboi skins too. I give credtit too all the skins
that arent mine. i only modified the lr300 from bonishazard with a new matte texture and a snow colour (blue). It is darker and
more smooth. I did give it a "look a like" silencer and bumbed it to my limit very good. hope you will like it too!   

And yeah like always (not like always) i've inlcuded a bino mod. I dont like it at all but i hope you guy's do. : P
I've seen a movie with ma sister...Bolt...its about a super gog in a movie who thinks everything what he does is real.
at the end the girl gets kidnapped and the dog wants to save her but he ends at the other side of America. he makes a whole 
yourney to find that "kidnapped girl". The binoculars look like the bino's from the movie with a modified sight. And there is something else
about those things. i didn.t think when i was making those things. i've put a north, west, south, east (thingy) compass in it. well the stupid thing is that if you 
look behind you that thing says that youre looking north well youre looking south! stupid and i dont want to change it. maybe you want to do it and publish it.
you may have ALL credit. (0NLY F0R THE BIN0 N0T THE WEAPONS!)

AND 0NE INP0RTAND THING! well dont place a comment IF Y0U D0NT LIKE IT! I always say: if you have nothing G00Ds to say say nothing.

;; Installation                                                                                                                                                       ;;

1. Unpack the .RAR with winrar and if you dont have it you can find it here: www.rarlab.com

2. Put the gamedata map in you "C: programfilesTHQStalkerShadowOfChenobyl" map or where you have installed stalker.

3. Play STALKER! :D

4. Enjoy! and if not.......well thats your prob.

;; End Readme (dont look to my english)                                                                                                   ;;   

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